How to migrate (copy) Microsoft Outlook 2010 custom views to backup or share

Microsoft Outlook doesn’t offer an easy method to backup or share custom views, and exporting the contents to a new pst does not include the views or custom forms.

Copy views to a ViewsBackup.pst

  1. Add a new .pst (File, New, Outlook Data File).
  2. Add folders to the .pst for each type of view you need to copy. (One folder each of Mail, Calendar, contacts, etc).
  3. Select the first new folder.
  4. Open the Define views dialog.
  5. Select the view you want to copy to the new pst and click Copy.
  6. Select one of the “This folder…” options.
  7. Change the view name, if desired.
  8. Click Ok.
  9. Repeat for each view you want to copy.

Repeat for each folder type.

To copy a view that was originally designed for “this folder only”, you’ll need open that folder, and make a copy of it using the “For all [folders]” option then begin with Step 3.

Copying views to a different pst uses the same steps, but you’ll copy the “for this folder view” and set it for All [folder]. This adds it to the default pst (or Exchange mailbox). If you want it for a specific folder only, you’ll need to select the folder, copy the view again and set it for this folder only.

Views created for “this folder only” are stored in the folder – moving or copying the folder to a new pst includes these views (as well as custom forms published to the folder).

Exchange server users can copy views and published forms using the File, Folder menu.


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