How to Add an Additional Exchange Email Account in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is the full-version email client included in the Microsoft Office suite of productivity applications. Adding email accounts to Outlook is a fairly streamlined task, usually requiring only the email address and password for the Exchange email account.

To add an additional Exchange email account do next simple steps:

  • Run Outlook 2010
  • Click the File option on the top toolbar and then click the Add Account button under “Account Information”.

  • Type the name of the person to whom the new email account belongs into the field labeled Your Name. Type the email address for the new account in the Email Address input box. Type the password for the email account, and then retype the password to confirm. Click Next. Outlook will attempt to connect with the Exchange email server and log in with the information you have provided.

  • If successful, click Finish. The configuration is complete. If unsuccessful, click the Retry button to reattempt the connection, or click the Back button and manually configure the email servers.

  • You see the message like this. Press Ok and restart your Outlook 2010.

  • Additional account was added!

Good luck!


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