Excel Services SharePoint 15, Excel Services SharePoint 2012, SQL Server, Analysis with Excel Services, SharePoint 2013 Excel Services, SharePoint 15 Screenshots

Excel Services SharePoint 15
Excel Services SharePoint 2012, SQL server, Analysis with Excel Services
SharePoint 2013 Excel Services
SharePoint 15 Screenshots
Excel Services SharePoint 2012
PlexHosted – Excel Services SharePoint 2012
Excel Services SharePoint 15, Excel Services SharePoint 2012, SQL Server, Analysis with Excel Services, SharePoint 2013 Excel Services, SharePoint 15 Screenshots

Greetings, everyone! I have tested the SharePoint 2013 preview edition’s new Business Intelligence Center. The following are some of my experiences and thoughts while conducting these tests.

SharePoint 2013 overview

SharePoint 15 screenshot – Business intelligence

At first I created a new SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence site. It`s look and feel are much more attractive than a SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence site. The Home page of the Business Intelligence center is more clear and simple to use.

SharePoint 15 screenshots Business Analysis
SharePoint 15 screenshots – Business Intelligence

Taking a look at Excel Services and at the data in the new BI site Excel workbook, we see a less cluttered page with clear charts and more useful Excel items with graphics and indicators.

Excel services SharePoint 2012
Excel services in SharePoint 2012

With Excel Services SharePoint 2013 you can sort your data, filter it and refresh data entries at the web-browser without pressing F5. Since it`s a cross-browser service, you can view your data on IE, Mozilla FF, Google Chrome, and Safari and at mobile devices as well. As an example I chose two years on the “Date” scroll-bar and the graphic for “Reclining Lawn Chair Historic Prices” was refreshed automatically.

sharepoint 15 screenshots - analysis with excel services
Excel Services Analysis

SharePoint 15 screenshot – Analysis with Excel Services

At the bottom of the Excel workbook`s page you can see the usual Excel work sheets.

sharepoint 15 screenshots - excel services sheets
Excel Services sheets

At the top of the Excel workbook page we can find the new Metro Style Excel Services Ribbon.

sharepoint 15 screenshots - excel services ribbon
Excel Services ribbon

If you have a lot of data and need to find a specific item, use Find. Just click the Find button on the Excel ribbon and find required data with just one click.

Analysis with Excel services find Excel items
Analysis with Excel services – find Excel items
analysis with excel services - excel data
Excel Service Analysis – Work with Excel Data

SharePoint 15 screenshot – SharePoint 2013 Excel Services style

At the File tab you can see the Metro Style Excel 2013 panel. It’s easy to use, right?

sharepoint 2013 excel services
SharePoint 2013 Excel Services Style

SharePoint 15 screenshot – PerformancePoint SharePoint 2012

Another useful service of SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence is PerformancePoint services. The start page of PerformancePoint is more helpful and useful than before. The Run Dashboard Designer is on the start page so you don`t need to search for it on subsequent pages.

SharePoint 15 screenshots performancepoint SharePoint 2012
SharePoint 15 screenshots – PerformancePoint SharePoint 2012

Additionally in SharePoint 2013 we can see the PerformancePoint tab on the main SharePoint Ribbon. The Run Dashboard Designer button and Export/Import buttons are there as well. This lets you work faster with your PerformancePoint dashboards.

performancepoint sharepoint 2012
PerformancePoint SharePoint 2012 ribbon

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence

During my testing, I noticed other useful changes in SharePoint 2013’s Business Intelligence Center. Some of these changes are the result of SharePoint 2013 development and some were from Microsoft’s new SQL 2012. I think you will agree that the new SharePoint 2013 BI capabilities will bring new life to and faster user adoption of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Center.

PlexHosted SharePoint overview
SharePoint Business Intelligence overview

Microsoft CRM Hosting, CRM 2011 Enterprise, Online Customer Management tools, CRM – Contact Management System

PlexHosted – Microsoft CRM Hosting
CRM 2011 Enterprise plan
CRM – Contact Management System
Online Customer Management tools
PlexHosted CRM 2011 hosting
PlexHosted – CRM 2011 hosting
PlexHosted CRM 2011 Hosting, CRM 2011 Enterprise, Online Customer Management tools, CRM – Contact Management System, Sales Online Tools, Lead Management, Sales Automation Tools

Hi everyone! I`m sure that all of you want to make the own business more effectiveness and make more and more sales. I’m certain with it 😉

Nowadays there are many sales software, many sales online tools and many sales tools to help you with it. I would like to inform you that PlexHosted have a hosted sales online tool named Microsoft CRM 2011 for you!

Customer Management System

CRM – Sales online tool

So, you looking for effective sales online tool to organize, automate, synchronize business processes and interact with customers, clients, contacts? You want make your lead management more effective and use advanced online customer management tool to make your sales more large?

PlexHosted have a solution for you and your business! PlexHosted company would be pleased to offer you the hosting Enterprise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – the best sales online tool and great lead management platform.

Have you tired to lost customer`s contacts within some time?
You can easily use sales automation tools to keep your contacts and clients. Please note that such contact management platform as Microsoft CRM can save your time, money and customers as well.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Hosting

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects.

Within hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 you will get a great availability to access to customer information and get faster results through a familiar tool – Microsoft Outlook 2010. CRM 2011 is a great technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to improve your organization’s marketing effectiveness, provide compelling customer service experiences, spend more time on selling and less time on administrative tasks and quickly create custom business applications and industry solutions.

Save time and money with CRM 2011

With customer relationship management (CRM) you can easily creating and scheduling appointments with customers is a central activity of most customer oriented businesses. Sales, customer support, and service personnel regularly spend a portion of their time getting in touch with customers and prospects through a variety of means to agree on a time and place for meeting for a sales conversation or to deliver customer service. Now you can do it with sales online tools – Enterprise CRM platform.

To get more detail or try the customer management tool please visit PlexHosted Dynamics CRM 2011 Hosting page and get access to the Enterprise class of Microsoft CRM 2011 solution.

Microsoft CRM 2011 hosting services

SharePoint Search Services, Search in SharePoint 2010, Foundation Search 2010, Search SharePoint 2010

PlexHosted – Search SharePoint
SharePoint Search Services
Search in SharePoint 2010
Foundation Search 2010
SharePoint Foundation Search 2010
SharePoint 2010 Foundation Search
SharePoint Search Services 2010, Search in SharePoint 2010, Foundation Search 2010, Search SharePoint 2010

Hello everybody! I would like to tell you about SharePoint search services in Foundation version of SharePoint 2010.

Foundation search 2010

Search in SharePoint 2010 necessity

You want structure your site data and start collaboration work? As you know the best way to organize team work is using SharePoint Foundation Services 2010. If you still haven`t SharePoint 2010 site you can easily get it from PlexHosted company! Please visit SharePoint Foundation services overview at PlexHosted`s site.
If you already have a SharePoint 2010 site ant it`s contain a huge amount of lists, libraries, tasks, documents and other data it usually takes a while to find the necessary content. Users can waste up to 5 minutes to find what is needed. It is a bothering and inconvenient process because of which sharepoint search services may become an essential requirement when choosing services. Using of SharePoint Foundation Search 2010 resolves this problem and makes your business process faster, easier and more productive.

SharePoint Search Services

Search in SharePoint 2010 is a great convenient feature. SharePoint 2010 Search inherits the look and feel of the site and helps you to find information anywhere in SharePoint Foundation site by providing results to your current site or list. It has been improved and now additionally allows using refinement for getting the most relevant search results.

SharePoint Foundation Search 2010 saves you time, nerves and also your money. It makes you free from purchasing different third-party tools and applications.

If you want to know more please do not hesitate PlexHosted company staff.
SharePoint 2010 Services
Foundation Search 2010