Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from PlexHosted team to yours!

Hi, my dear readers!

PlexHosted Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As the holiday season approaches, PlexHosted team had like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading the PlexHosted official blog and interest in PlexHosted hosting services. You`re make PlexHosted team jobs a pleasure and keep our company successful.
May your holiday season and the new year be filled with much joy, happiness and success. PlexHosted will look forward to working with you in the coming year and hope that the business relationship with PlexHosted will start at the next year and continues for many years to come.

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Reseller Partner Program Benefits, What is Reseller Program, SharePoint Affiliate Program, SharePoint Reseller Program

Reseller Partner Program Benefits, What is Reseller Program, SharePoint Affiliate Program, SharePoint Reseller Program
PlexHosted -  Reseller and Affiliate Programs
PlexHosted – Reseller and Affiliate Programs

PlexHosted Reseller Partner Program Benefits, What is Reseller Program, PlexHosted SharePoint Affiliate Program, PlexHosted SharePoint Reseller Program, PlexHosted Partners

Hi me dear readers!
Today I would like to tell you about what is reseller program, what is affiliate program and about the PlexHosted reseller partner program benefits.

PlexHosted – Reseller and Affiliate Programs

What is SharePoint Reseller Program

SharePoint hosting reseller programs have a lot of options, including purchasing SharePoint services at SharePoint hosting providers. In this case you don`t need to buy unduly expensive servers and configure all required SharePoint hardware. The additional saving money option is that you don`t need the support staff to monitor your servers. All options of the SharePoint hosting reseller program is dependent from choice a hosting SharePoint provider. So, it`s an important step to make your business more effective – to choose the best of SharePoint providers that offer reseller programs.

PlexHosted SharePoint Reseller Program

With PlexHosted reseller program you will be provided with all required licenses and/or cloud computing instance with 100% white label branding to maintain your exclusive brand identity. In addition PlexHosted company provide you with fully managed services which means that all cloud computing instances and software provided by PlexHosted would be supported by PlexHosted monitoring and support departments. There`s no need to worry about servers performance because PlexHosted support staff will take care of the setup, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of this software. You will have an ability to stay focused on your business and your customer`s while PlexHosted will act as your IT staff.

What is SharePoint Affiliate Program

SharePoint Affiliate Program is pretty simple – you bring company customers and get a commission for it.

PlexHosted SharePoint Affiliate Program

So, bring PlexHosted customers and get a commission for it and PlexHosted will do the rest:

  • 20% commission on first month of every SharePoint sale
  • Additional commission plans available for Web and Exchange Hosting products
  • 3 month minimum subscription term
  • PlexHosted bill and support the customers

PlexHosted Reseller Partner Program Benefits

Benefits of PlexHosted reseller program are numerous. First of all, you own your customers and sell under your own brand. Additionally, you have a control under your prices and margin. You will provide support services and consulting to them while PlexHosted provide you with services and support that work 24/7/365 for you.
Please use this link to get more information about PlexHosted reseller and affiliate programs.
PlexHosted – highly reliable and knowledgeable managed services partner, is critical to keeping open your lines of communications. The team of SharePoint experts is well-known and of unquestioned expertise in the SharePoint Hosting industry. So you have a great opportunity to appreciate our services, promote your own brand, use our infrastructure with data centers and network architecture that provide the resilience and throughput required for your business, earn additional revenues staying focused on your business and, finally, reduce your infrastructure capital and running costs.

PlexHosted reseller and affiliate programs