Hosted PowerPivot and Excel 2013 Workbooks, BI Demo Site

Hosted PowerPivot and Excel 2013 Workbooks

Do you have large PowerPivot, Excel, DAX workbooks and you want to host them at the SharePoint 2013 portal? If so you are in the right way!

PlexHosted Business Intelligence (BI) Hosting

SharePoint 2013 PowerPivot hosting with PlexHosted

PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 allows users to share large PowerPivot workbooks in a secure and scalable environment. PlexHosted provides managed hosting services for companies to implement a true self-service Business Intelligence capability. Please see SharePoint 2013 PowerPivot hosting benefits below:

  • View data from anywhere at any time without having Microsoft Excel 2013 installed
  • Load massive amounts of data (PowerPivot, Excel, DAX, SQL reports) from any source
  • Work with over a million rows of data in seconds
  • Collaborate on the most recent data available – automatic periodic data refresh
  • Integrate reusable data from different sources such as SQL, Databases, etc
  • Preview your Excel, DAX, PowerPivot workbooks using PowerPivot gallery controlled by Silverlight
  • Create Business Intelligence testing and proof of concept environments for larger BI applications
  • Enjoy great data visualization with SharePoint 2013 Power View
  • Use great feature – Power View Map

Sounds Interesting? Find out more on PlexHosted website.

Hosted PowerPivot and Excel Workbooks with PlexHosted

Want to try? Login to PlexHosted Business Intelligence Demo Portal!

Password: p@ssword1

PlexHosted SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Demo
PlexHosted – SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Demo Portal

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