Real time Business Intelligence, PowerPivot Data Refresh in SharePoint 2013

PowerPivot Data Refresh in SharePoint 2013, Real time BI 2013

I`m sure that you have heard about PowerPivot 2012 and SharePoint 2013. The question is how to combine these product together. I would like to give you an answer in this post and tell you about the Business Intelligence 2013 in real time.
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Real time Business Intelligence 2013

Real time Business Intelligence 2013

Real time Business Intelligence is extremely important in today’s business life. Company owners tend to use the features of real time business intelligence to get the latest information, analyze big amounts of important data and structuralize it to make the most effective business decisions. SharePoint Business Intelligence 2013 helps to gain insights from the data with proven and familiar Microsoft products deployed in PlexHosted’s cloud architecture and provides the ability to explore, visualize, control information and achieve the best results.

PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013

One or the most powerful feature of SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence is PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013. It gives you the ability to store workbooks with PowerPivot data at the BI 2013 SharePoint site; load and analyze large amount of data using SharePoint 2013 analysis services within few seconds; create PowerPivot workbooks with interactive tables, graphs, charts, timelines and trend lines; create a highly interactive data presentation, specific reports, bar charts, bubble charts and a lot more with Power View and access the data from virtually any resource.

PowerPivot Data Refresh in SharePoint 2013

But what is the most important in decision for business owners in modern fast moving industry is getting the latest data when it’s needed. This allows making the most effective decision in a timely fashion. And here we come to the one of the greatest improvements of PowerPivot 2013 hosing services. SharePoint 2013 Analysis services has a new architecture for the data refresh in PowerPivot workbooks, so you use two options to refresh PowerPivot data – Interactive and Scheduled.

Interactive PowerPivot Data Refresh in SharePoint 2013

Interactive Data Refresh is something available out of the box in SharePoint 2013 and refreshes PowerPivot data models with data from the original data source. This type of PowerPivot data refresh only refreshes the data in the current user session, uses the identity of the currently logged-on user or stored credentials to connect to the PowerPivot data source and the information is not automatically saved back to the workbook.

Scheduled PowerPivot Data Refresh in SharePoint 2013

Scheduled Data Refresh gives the ability to configure PowerPivot data refresh to schedule an automatic import of updated PowerPivot data from connected and external data sources. It could be external databases or other data files that you can access from remote servers or network file shares. You can easily create a default schedule for PowerPivot data refresh, specify the credentials used to run PowerPivot data refresh, and choose the data sources that will be included in the refresh operation.
This great improvement of the SharePoint 2013 Analysis services will help you to always receive the latest information from data sources, make the most efficient business decisions, get better productivity results and predict future outcomes.

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