SharePoint 2013 Customization, SharePoint 2013 Branding, SharePoint 2013 Design, Custom SharePoint 2013 site

Custom SharePoint 2013 Design and SharePoint 2013 Branding.
Why SharePoint 2013 customization is important for your company?

SharePoint 2013 Design and branding
SharePoint 2013 Design and Branding
SharePoint 2013 Customization, SharePoint 2013 Branding, SharePoint 2013 Design, Custom SharePoint 2013 site, Custom SharePoint 2013 Design and SharePoint 2013 Branding

Hi dear readers,
Today, I want to talk about the SharePoint 2013 branding. When you access SharePoint 2013 site for the first time you will see the out-of-the-box SharePoint design without any other references to your company. Probably you can get the custom site URL and a title at the SharePoint site, but most hosting providers offer this as paid option (please note that with PlexHosted you can get it for free!), but you need to know that this look and feel has been designed by Microsoft for the common uses. Now you can decide for yourself how you want to use this site and whether you want SharePoint 2013 site leave “as is” or to build your own environment to enrich your company’s identity.

SharePoint 2013 Branding

SharePoint Branding is the essential part of every business strategy that helps your company to show its personality, values, projects, attitude to business and brand promise. If you are going to use SharePoint 2013 as your company’s intranet or internet public facing site, company`s SharePoint 2013 branding is always important and should not be overlook.

So, why it is so important to brand SharePoint 2013 site for your business?

SharePoint 2013 Branding Benefits

Please see main bullets to take into consideration while making your choice below:
  • SharePoint 2013 Branding. Decreasing time required for the user`s adaptation – one of the most important parts of your company’s SharePoint site is how it could be used by your employees. The customized SharePoint 2013 site allow you to get an intuitive interface and do exactly what you need at the SharePoint site. So when we say “SharePoint 2013 branding” – we mean the SharePoint user-friendly interface which is approachable for understanding. Visually impactful, interesting, easier to use, trendy and modern looking site will definitely increase overall traffic, help your employees relate to the website and use it on a daily basis. SharePoint 2013 collaboration platform is often used as a tool for company`s communication.
  • SharePoint 2013 Branding. Developing company`s working culture – a customized SharePoint site shows company`s attitude to employees, shows your business strong identity with a world-class services and products, helps to establish trust and faith outside your organization, better understand the corporate goals and inspire them to do their best and make your business more and more successful. Well-designed SharePoint 2013 portal used for company`s team communication and collaboration makes people dedicated to the working process, better and easier accomplish their daily jobs and use this platform to its maximum.
  • SharePoint 2013 Branding. Improving the information architecture – the information architecture of your SharePoint 2013 site helps to create that page layout that meets company`s needs, makes the SharePoint site easier to use and search, helps to arrange business information logically and provides a positive experience of the company to company`s employees and partners. Making users happy will always increase their productivity and the overall income in the result.
  • SharePoint 2013 Branding. Avoiding mess at the SharePoint site – well organized and branded SharePoint 2013 site will help you mess all data, without clear ownership, styles, fonts, themes, consistency, images and company identity. Well-panned, organized and governed SharePoint site will show your attitude to your employees and their work.
  • SharePoint 2013 Branding. Instilling confidence – when the SharePoint 2013 site is well managed and planned, users always know that you take care of them the same as you take care about customers, partners and show that your company is serious enough to create the best working place for employees with the accurate and updated data.
  • SharePoint 2013 Branding. Senses of belonging and pride – this is last but, definitely, not least. Creating a rich SharePoint brand and strong company identity and building a special place comfortable for employees will give them a sense of belonging to the great successful organization, sense of partnership and make them proud of the place they work. And this in its turn makes people more involved, attached and excited to what they do and inspires them to leverage all their potential in order to achieve company’s goals.
And what is the great for all this, PlexHosted can provide you with starting point for your site – SharePoint 2013 platform in hosted or dedicated environment and help you to brand the SharePoint 2013 site in the way you want. In addition to the excellent customer support, available 24/7/365, PlexHosted offer customization and branding services and gives the ability to create your unique and rich company identity.

Start to use a SharePoint 2013 sites with custom branding today!


SharePoint 2013 Branding

PlexHosted SharePoint 2013 Branding
PlexHosted SharePoint 2013 Branding

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Demo Portal, Custom Development and Branding, Restricted Downloading

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Demo Portal, Custom Development and Branding, Restricted Downloading in SharePoint

SharePoint Business Intelligence Portal Customization
SharePoint Business Portal Customization
SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Demo Portal, Custom Development and Branding, Restricted Downloading in SharePoint, SharePoint Branding 2013
Dear readers,
I would love to tell you about the PlexHosted demo business portal in this post. So you can grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this post.

SharePoint Portals with PowerPivot

After release of the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 PlexHosted was pleased to announce the availability of the SharePoint 2013 Enterprise with PowerPivot service. And now this service proved it popularity and necessity among multiple companies. Many customers have already appreciated high quality of SharePoint with PowerPivot solution and its great impact on their business process. This service provide users with the full spectrum of Business Intelligence features and helps to get critical information from the insights, increase productivity and collaboration, improve decision-making and gain profits to the company.
PlexHosted service provider as an unquestioned expertise in SharePoint is always ready to prove the quality, exceptional performance, reliability, protection, and scalability of the services. We provide users the access to the PlexHosted Business Intelligence Demo Portal to evaluate the service by themselves, see how it looks like and works. On these portals you can find demo Excel and PowerPivot workbooks, with rich dashboards, scorecards, timelines, slicers, filters, DAX and PowerView reports.
Custom Demo SharePoint Portal
Custom Demo SharePoint Portal

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Demo Portal

Now take a look on now is how PlexHosted BI Demo portal looks like. You can see the customized start page, custom theme and master page. Doesn’t it look great? Moving further you can see pages with workbooks, Business Reports gallery, Demo Reporting BI Portal custom page without standard SharePoint snippets, buttons, and ribbon. This gives a great user experience and cleaner interface for read only users.
Demo SharePoint 2013 Business Portal
Demo SharePoint 2013 Business Portal

Restricted Downloading in SharePoint PowerPivot

What is the most important and magnificent in this customization is that users cannot download the workbooks and reports from this site. This is provides read only access to the data, higher level of protection and convenient demonstration of the data. Very useful customization for sharing workbooks and reports.
The main idea here is that if you want to customize your SharePoint site and create new fresh look for it – this is not the problem. PlexHosted team can easily do it for you. Change master pages, apply the same design as at our Demo site, restrict to download content for read only users – all this and more is the option for you. PlexHosted can help you to make your SharePoint to look like and behave in the exact way you want.
All this and more is what PlexHosted provide to all our customers. Great service and flexibility in customizations, solution that meets you needs and excellent customer support available 24/7/365 you achieve when subscribing to our services.

Start to use a custom SharePoint Business Portal today!


Custom Demo SharePoint Business Portal
SharePoint 2013 Enterprise with PowerPivot

PlexHosted SharePoint Customization
PlexHosted SharePoint Customization

Custom SharePoint Business Intelligence 2013 Portal, Custom SharePoint Site, SharePoint Customization

PlexHosted announcement, Custom SharePoint Business Intelligence Portal, Custom SharePoint Site, SharePoint 2010/2013 Customization

SharePoint Business Intelligence Portal Customization
SharePoint Business Portal Customization
PlexHosted Announcement, Custom SharePoint Site, SharePoint 2010/2013 Customization, SharePoint Branding 2013, SharePoint Ribbon Customization
Hi readers,
I would like to inform you about a SharePoint Customization and Branding availability at the PlexHosted company. Hope you will be impressed and try a portal with custom design not putting off.

SharePoint Portals

SharePoint Portal is a one of the most famous and most popular products of Microsoft and a highly utilized web platform for business collaboration, communication and socialization. Great number of companies have already chosen this platform, evaluated all the variety of SharePoint capabilities and compliance features and appreciated incredible positive impact on their business lifecycle. Those, who have just signed up for SharePoint services or purchased a dedicated SharePoint server, have the almost unlimited opportunities and number of ways to make their intranet and internet business communication much more efficient and increase the output. And what I would like to emphasize on – is on the last one. You can alter, modify and customize your SharePoint site to make it that exact thing you need and to use it in your own purposes critical for your business success. If you are not familiar with SharePoint developing, I have great news for you.

SharePoint Customization from PlexHosted Announce

PlexHosted Company is pleased to announce the availability of SharePoint customization, branding, developing for your SharePoint portal!
PlexHosted provides Hosted SharePoint 2010 and 2013 in shared and dedicated environment. And what is the most important PlexHosted as your hosting provider can not only to configure and monitor your environment, help you with the services, but also can help you to customize SharePoint site according to your needs. PlexHosted staff is well-known and of unquestioned expertise in the SharePoint Hosting industry and without doubts can help you to make your site to perform the exact what you want from it. Changing master pages and page layouts is easy with number of predefined themes, build-in editing capabilities and tools like SharePoint Designer has become much more easier, but if you unsure how to use them or new to SharePoint PlexHosted team is always here to help you. If you want to brand your site, create your own styles, public and personal views, remove links of add them, add some script etc. this is what you can do on SharePoint, or get assistance on how to do it, or get it done for you. Your sites look and feel depends from what you need or want to do – leave it as is, or completely remove any reminder that is actually SharePoint.
PlexHosted developers will create custom lists, new forms and customize existing ones. Publish forms using InfoPath, create custom pages, add list for specific purposes – all this is not the full list of existing capabilities. To get more details please visit PlexHosted SharePoint Customization page. You can ask PlexHosed staff about PlexHosted SharePoint services and always get professionally assistance.

Start to use a custom SharePoint Portal today!


PlexHosted SharePoint Customization

PlexHosted SharePoint Customization
PlexHosted SharePoint Customization