SharePoint Hosting. SharePoint 2013 Server Edition

SharePoint 2013 Server, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint 2013 Server Edition, SharePoint 2013, Hosted SharePoint Server

SharePoint 2013 Server
SharePoint 2013 Server
SharePoint 2013 Server, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint 2013 Server Edition
As you probably know, with SharePoint you have two options for installation: SharePoint 2013 Foundation (this option was described in my previous post SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition) and SharePoint 2013 Server. In this post I want to tell you about the SharePoint 2013 Server edition.

SharePoint 2013 Server Edition

SharePoint 2013 Server extends the features available in the SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition. SharePoint 2013 Server provides you with a higher level of functionality, see SharePoint 2013 features. The more important features are described in this post.

SharePoint 2013 Server Features

  • SharePoint Server Enterprise services. SharePoint enterprise services provide with the best way to quickly and easily create custom solutions with Microsoft Office 2013. It includes Info Path Services, Excel Services, Visio Services, Access Services and PerformancePoint Services. If you do not need these services but need services for social collaboration you can choose the SharePoint 2013 Standard plan that is cheaper than the SharePoint Enterprise plan (please keep in mind that these two plans are usually referred to as SharePoint Server edition).
  • SharePoint Server Advanced Search. The basic functionality is included to SharePoint Foundation 2013 and with SharePoint Server 2013 you can get a more flexible environment to make sure your users will find the information they need.
  • SharePoint Server Publishing. SharePoint 2013 Server supports web content creation as well as publishing it to the Internet.
  • SharePoint Server Social features. Social networking is everywhere now and it’s an expected capability for many platforms. In SharePoint 2013 Server it has been much improved. Social features like rating, tagging and others help users find the content that will work for them best. Communication is an essential option in the business world.

As we can see SharePoint 2013 Server includes the more advanced features that can be very useful for company’s business. It can accelerate the adoption of content management and business intelligence across intranet portals and Internet web-sites.
SharePoint 2013 Server is ideal for mid-sized companies looking to improve their employees’ ability to work with each other in more effective ways than offered by SharePoint Foundation.

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SharePoint Server 2013. SharePoint Enterprise
SharePoint Server 2013. SharePoint Standard

PlexHosted - SharePoint 2013 Server (SharePoint 2013 Standard and SharePoint 2013 Enterprise)
PlexHosted – SharePoint 2013 Server (SharePoint 2013 Standard and SharePoint 2013 Enterprise)

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