Integrating SharePoint 2013 sites with external environment

Today we’ll talk about integration between SharePoint 2013 site and external non-SharePoint sites. A lot of our customers would like to provide their users with smooth access to specific documents or BI reports directly from external site bypassing default SharePoint authentication settings.

By default, there is the only way to share your site with external users – “Anonymous access” feature, which will make your SP site public. But this approach is not very good for security reasons. Besides, this option is quite expensive for sites with SharePoint 2013 Server edition.

Our team made some research and finally found an efficient and cost saving solution, we can offer our customers. One of the benefits of our solution is the fact, that our custom code is simple and flexible, you can easily change it to fit your requirements. Another good news are that all initial setup and configuration will be done by our team on our side as a part of our service :)

We offer:
* Ability to show SharePoint content on external site via iFrame
* Ability to access SharePoint sites without login prompt via direct link
* Simple and flexible code that you can use to show only required information
* Ability to implement SSL certificate for SharePoint site
* Custom login form with Form Based Authentication for your SharePoint environment

Interesting, isn’t it?

Now I will show a couple of examples of solution’s behavior.

Bypassing SharePoint authentication:
1. If User Name, Password and Destination URL are sent in URL as parameters, user will be authenticated automatically and redirected to destination URL.
2. If User Name or Password or Destination URL parameters do not exist in URL, user will be redirected to default authentication form.

Showing your SharePoint resources on external portal:
To show part of the site via iframe (i.e. BI reports), just put the following code to your page as iframe window:
<iframe width=”100%” height=”100%” src=”URL-OF-YOUR-REPORT-OR-PAGE” #CustomPart code part#>
You can change the “src” part to show another part of your site.

So, how can you start using this solution?

The minimal requirements are:
* 1 SharePoint 2013 service with PlexHosted.
* 2 SharePoint user accounts
* 1 Dedicated SharePoint Web application
* 1 dedicated IPv4 address
* If you already have a SharePoint 2013 site you can easily migrate it to PlexHosted. This option is free of charge.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us we are online 24/7/365.

Simple tricks for BI site visualization

Some of our clients use their BI sites to develop PowerView reports for more than one user with different permissions.

For example, BI site for company, which has 5 different sales department.
SharePoint BI sites have a good feature, called PowerPivot gallery, which you can use to host your reports. Today we’ll speak about interesting approach, how we can extend its capabilities, using simple “Promoted Links” app.

Imagine the situation.
We have:
1. Single SharePoint 2013 BI site.
2. 5 different departments which should access BI reports only for their department. As example “RegionName Sales Departments”.

The simple solution is to create 5 separate sub-sites and put links to the main site. But if you want to create an illustrative site this is not enough. We can use “Promoted Links” app to make BI site more expressive and focus users directly on the required information to increase their efficiency.

“Promoted Links” app allows you to show links to other location on the page, but the main point is the possibility to assign pictures and description to these links. So the end user will see the nice logo with floating description instead of a strict link.

Let’s start:
1. Open your BI site.
2. Click Settings icon and click add an app, select “Promoted Links” app.
3. Click new item. Here you can specify the Title, the link to preferred logo, and a brief description for the link.

Picture1Pretty simple, isn’t it?
Now the interesting part goes.
Here we can put not only the links to the sub-sites, but direct links to the PowerPivot galleries of the department or even links to the single reports. This is good, because you can show the entire sub-site for the user from the larger department (with bigger amount of data) and show only one needed report for the smaller one.
This is the good way to focus the attention of the end users just on their information.

Also we can use RSDS reports to hide all “excel signs” if necessary. You can read previous post about it.

Let’s proceed and setup links.
4. Create 5 items for 5 departments. In our example they are “RegionName Sales Departments”

Picture2Nice view, isn’t it? I think that this approach will make your BI site more “human friendly” and at the same time more efficient.
5. Now let’s define the “Landing Page”, where we want to show these items. For example, let’s show it on our home page.
Also we can hide this app from the quick launch menu. To do so go to -> list -> List settings -> List name, description and navigation.
6. Open home page and click edit page. Click “Insert”, then “App part”.

Picture37. Select “Promoted Links” app.
8. Set the proper title size etc. for this web part.
9. Click Save, and Stop editing on the upper ribbon.
We’re done, you will see the webpart on your home page.

Picture4The last part is to configure the proper permissions for users and grant them access to their pieces of information. This is something that depends on your company structure.

Hope this article was interesting for you.

SharePoint 2013 BI and MySQL

SharePoint 2013 BI and MySQL, Multi-Tenant PowerPivot 2013 Hosting, PowerPivot data refresh in SharePoint 2013

 SharePoint 2013 BI and MySQL
SharePoint BI and MySQL
SharePoint 2013 BI and MySQL, Hosted SharePoint 2013 BI, SharePoint and MySQL, Multi-Tenant PowerPivot 2013 Hosting, PowerPivot data refresh in SharePoint 2013, Real time BI

PlexHosted is pleased to announce support for the connectivity of SharePoint hosted workbooks to open source MySQL database server. Now our customers are free to use MySQL as an external data source in their PowerPivot and PowerView reports with our multi-tenant SharePoint 2013 BI service.

PowerPivot data refresh in SharePoint 2013

PlexHosted PowerPivot solutions provide interactive and scheduled data refresh of PowerPivot workbooks from the latest information and data sources. The importance of receiving information in a timely fashion is obvious for business owners, isn`t it?

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence and MySQL database server

As always PlexHosted continues to improve the quality and scalability of its services as well as its expertise in the SharePoint Hosting industry. Previously, data refresh from MySQL was available only in dedicated SharePoint environments. Now you can easily connect a workbook to your MySQL database, upload it to your hosted SharePoint site, and have your business critical data always up to date.

Real-time Business Intelligence 2013, integration of data from various data sources, analyzing large amounts of information, effective sharing and collaborating with the most recent data, great data visualization, exceptional performance, and customer support available 24/7/365 are among the capabilities available with PlexHosted and its SharePoint 2013 BI services.

Use SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence with PlexHosted – improve your business!


SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Overview
SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence

SharePoint 2013 BI and MySQL
SharePoint 2013 BI and MySQL, PlexHosted – Hosted PowerPivot Data in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Hosting. SharePoint 2013 and Yammer – best social tools for your company.

SharePoint 2013 and Yammer – best social tools for your company

SharePoint 2013 Yammer
SharePoint 2013 Yammer
SharePoint 2013 Yammer, Yammer SharePoint 2013, Yammer SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 Yammer, Yammer SharePoint integration, Yammer and SharePoint
As you know, the future of big projects is in social collaboration. All large companies try to make communications inside of the organization simple and productive. So, the question is “Which tool should we use for social collaboration – Yammer or SharePoint 2013?” is the one most asked and discussed. Let`s try to understand this question and answer it in this post.


Yammer is a private social network for your company. Please see the following list of the main Yammer features:

  • Yammer groups. You can setup a Group for all teams, projects or interests. There are two great features such as Quick Access and Announcements you can use in Groups.
  • Yammer user profiles. Share your knowledge or find the experts you need more easily. Add managers and reports to create a company chat together with your employees. Leader boards display people with the most messages, replied-to messages, and liked messages.
  • Yammer conversations. You can share an update, add documents, post pools and notify other co-workers by looping them into a conversation using @their_name. See who’s online now and start a private discussion with one or more employees.
  • Yammer document collaboration. Share MS Office documents, PDFs, images and videos across team and get feedback from them. Collect notes and view all the edits made to a document. Additionally you can email a file and mark files as official and read-only.
  • Yammer external communication. Great option! You can create a dedicated online workspace to collaborate with business contacts outside of your company and you can easily switch between internal and external networks.
  • Yammer security. Bring the look and feel of your company. Easily manage access to your Yammer network, sync directories, manage and export network data according to company policies. Set password policies and use the session management to see users devices are logged into with possibility to log them out.
  • Yammer Apps. Connect all of your business applications with Yammer.
  • Yammer devices. Access Yammer on Web, Mobile, Desktop.

Read more at Yammer features.

SharePoint 2013

SharePoint is a platform for a social intranet portals collaboration. Please read more about SharePoint 2013 features.

SharePoint 2013 vs Yammer. Microsoft social tools comparison.

Microsoft continues to release updates to both social tools and will continue to innovate no matter which platform you chose and use. As for the question I mentioned above, here is the most popular answer on it:

  • If you have no restrictions, use Yammer.
  • If your organization needs to use a dedicated hosting tool, using SharePoint 2013 social features is the best way to meet it.

Yammer is more flexible for collaboration with external partners or customers. If you want to initiate real-time participation and sharing events, meetings or reviews use Yammer with its out-of-box options. But if you want create an intranet portal with the same templates, structured information and web parts – the best tool for you is SharePoint 2013 with social features. SharePoint content is more structured and there are additional options you can use, like workflows, forms, web parts.

Currently, Microsoft is working on the integration between Yammer and SharePoint. After it is finished you would be able to get all best from these two social tools. But now, let your teams decide which of these social platforms is best to use. Please keep in mind that your team is the best decision maker of technologies for your organization.

PlexHosted has a great option for you! You can integrate Yammer with PlexHosted Dedicated SharePoint servers.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


Yammer features
Dedicated SharePoint tool

SharePoint 2013 and Yammer integration
SharePoint 2013 and Yammer integration

SharePoint Hosting. Data visualization in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013, SharePoint data visualization, SharePoint hosting, data visualization in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint data visualization
SharePoint data visualization
SharePoint 2013, SharePoint data visualization, SharePoint hosting, data visualization in SharePoint 2013
Probably you know that SharePoint is a platform that can help you share and organize your company’s reports, documents, etc. But did you know SharePoint can also help you visualize data for your employees.

SharePoint 2013 Power View

You can use PowerView to build and share a dashboard that visualizes your data for your team. You publish the dashboard to your company’s site, so you don’t need to setup any additional security. Please see more details at the following Microsoft video:

Video: Discover – visualize data

PlexHosted’s demo site with PowerView and SharePoint data visualization

Please see PlexHosted’s demo site with PowerView and SharePoint data visualization using the following credentials
Password: p@ssword1

PlexHosted free trial of SharePoint Enterprise with PowerPivot and Power View

Sign up today for a 1-month free trial of SharePoint Enterprise with PowerPivot and Power View data visualization to test all SharePoint business intelligence features for yourself.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


PlexHosted’s demo site with Power View and SharePoint data visualization
Free trial of SharePoint Enterprise with PowerPivot and Power View data visualization
Video: Discover – visualize data

Data visualization in SharePoint 2013
Data visualization in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 User Password Management in PlexHosted

SharePoint 2013 Change Password, SharePoint 2013 User Password Management, SharePoint 2013 Change Password Feature

SharePoint Change Password
Change Password Feature
SharePoint 2013 Change Password Feature, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint 2013 Change Password, SharePoint 2013 User Password Management
Today we have great news for you. PlexHosted is pleased to announce that a user password change functionality is now available with our multi-tenant SharePoint 2013 services.

SharePoint 2013 User Password Management

SharePoint user passwords are usually managed from the Active Directory with dedicated SharePoint server or using SharePoint’s Administrative Control Panel provided for multi-tenant service. Previously, multi-tenant users had no ability to change their passwords by themselves and this task has required an administrator to get involved. As a result, extra time was spent for managing passwords every day.

SharePoint 2013 Change Password Feature

Now, if an administrator wants to give users the ability to manage their passwords, a SharePoint “Change Password” feature can be enabled for the site collection.
SharePoint 2013 Change Password feature
SharePoint 2013 Change Password feature
PlexHosted’s new password change functionality helps to relieve your administrators from this mundane and time consuming task. Users can now change passwords for themselves directly from the SharePoint site without the need to callwrite admin and request a change. What is more, this new functionality allows keeping passwords even more securely than before.

SharePoint 2013 Change Password Web Part

Take a look at how easily users can change passwords for a SharePoint 2013 site with this feature:

They just need to click Change Password.

SharePoint 2013 Change Password
SharePoint 2013 Change Password

Then type old and new passwords, confirm and click Save.
SharePoint 2013 User Password Management
SharePoint 2013 User Password Management

It is simple and will greatly reduce the time administrators spend every day changing passwords so they can focus on the process of improving your SharePoint sites.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


SharePoint 2013 User Password Management in multi-tenant environment

SharePoint 2013 User Password Management
SharePoint 2013 User Password Management in multi-tenant environment

SharePoint Hosting. Choosing between SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint 2013 Server, SharePoint 2013 Foundation, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint Hosting 2013

SharePoint 2013 Hosting
SharePoint 2013 Hosting
Choosing between SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint Hosting 2013, SharePoint 2013 Server, SharePoint 2013 Foundation
As you probably know, with SharePoint you have two options for installation: SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013. You can read about these two options in my previous posts SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition and SharePoint 2013 Server edition. In this post, I would like to summarize the earlier posts and help you make the right choice between these SharePoint editions.

SharePoint 2013 Editions Short Overview

Let`s take a look at a short SharePoint 2013 editions overview to refresh the key points of these SharePoint editions.

SharePoint 2013 Foundation Overview

Document management and collaboration are the core features with SharePoint 2013 Foundation. With Foundation, end-users can easy create collaboration sites, so it`s a very popular collaborative tool for teams. Users can create a new site based on an existing SharePoint template in just a few seconds without the need for additional code.

SharePoint 2013 Server Overview

The more advanced features for business and team collaboration are included in SharePoint 2013 Server. With SharePoint Server, you can improve business process management, content management and business intelligence for your organization. SharePoint Server is the tool to create, publish and manage content across the intranet, extranet and Internet. Since SharePoint Server integrates easily with Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook, users can share content more easily using a familiar environment.

SharePoint 2013 Edition Choice

It is common for many organizations to have a SharePoint environment. In many cases, it`s an easy choice to start with SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition and focus only on collaboration tasks. Once your needs become more advanced, you can upgrade SharePoint Foundation to one of the SharePoint Server options. Our company, PlexHosted, offers free migration to PlexHosted SharePoint services as well as upgrade in a SharePoint environment at any time you need it.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


SharePoint Hosting. SharePoint 2013 Server edition
SharePoint Hosting. SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition
PlexHosted SharePoint Hosting

Choosing between SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013
Choosing between SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint Hosting. SharePoint Intranet Portal

SharePoint Intranet, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint Portals

SharePoint Intranet
SharePoint Intranet
SharePoint Intranet, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint Portals
An Intranet is an internal company portal that can be used to make team work more productive, effortless, cost effective and competitive. It is an essential part of the organization’s infrastructure. A successful SharePoint intranet usually has high usability because company owners have full control over the environment and know exactly who the users are and how they actually use intranet. Investments in intranet improvements are crucial since the intranet usability and high user adoption helps improve business productivity and therefore increase overall company profits.

SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint is one of the most widely used application platforms for a company’s intranet portal. According to the Nielsen Norman Group`s research, 70% of successful intranets are built on SharePoint. Additionally, Nielsen Norman Group determines 10 best intranet portals every year and the best ones for 2013 are:

    • Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (Biotechnology, U.S.)
    • American International Group, Inc. (Insurance, U.S.)
    • AT&T (Telecommunications, U.S.)
    • Hager Group, (Manufacturing, Germany)
    • Luzerner Kantonalbank AG, (Financial company, Switzerland)
    • ONO (Telecommunications, Spain)
    • Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) (Government, Saudi Arabia)
    • Swiss Mobiliar Insurance & Pensions (Insurance, Switzerland)
    • WorkSafeBC (Government, Canada)
    • XL Group plc (Insurance, Ireland)
These companies are of different sizes and from different countries. These intranets are used for their entire organizations and have been designed to take into consideration specific company needs in their particular sphere of business.
To read about these companies please see the following page – 2013 Intranet Design Award Winners.

This research helps to specify the latest trends in the development of successful intranet portals. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Time for intranet design – the average time to create and design a portal is 3.5 years, but lately it has decreased to 2.3 years. The process of designing a company portal is not a simple task.
  • The size of an organization – it has become simpler for small companies to develop good company portals using modern technologies. The SharePoint platform provides a number of features for great intranet implementation with its social features, efficient MS Office integration, information search and filtering capabilities.
  • Intranet management team – nowadays it is important to involve more people in building a successful intranet site. It is impossible for a small team to design and manage an intranet portal that will completely satisfy the needs of all company employees and help improve collaboration and work productivity. The more people involved in the building process – the better the result will be for end users.
  • Consulting companies and developers – external consultants are usually involved in helping with SharePoint planning, development, design and branding. They serve to complete particular tasks in which your company`s team does not have enough expertise.
  • The authors of intranet content – it is important to consider the primary requirements of the employees when designing the intranet. The best way to ensure usability, high user adoption rates and relevant content inside the portal is to involve people from different offices and departments, the people who will use the site.
  • Feature and design development – the latest trend in intranets is to use such features as personalized pages, extended profiles, video channels and mega menus. The additional new features widely used are integration with social sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, and extended filters on site pages.
  • Out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities – the built-in SharePoint features allow improvements in search experience and make document management easier with Office integration.
  • Educating employees about social and enterprise features of the platform – intranet users need to know the main usage rules and it is a good idea to provide a short guideline for them. It is also important to establish communication between teams and motivate users for commenting, sharing and creating conversations.
  • Permissions – complex site permissions can be a nightmare for your intranet management team. Nowadays most of the companies tend to protect business critical files by using simple permission strategies to avoid the unnecessary complexity.
The practice of a great number of companies from all over the world shows that the SharePoint platform is a perfect tool for designing a company’s intranet portal. Taking into consideration the latest trends, advances from SharePoint consultants and experienced users, you can build a powerful portal for your team and achieve better results.
PlexHosted can provide you with a starting point for your successful intranet. From the planning stage, to SharePoint implementation and customization – this is something PlexHosted can help you with.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


SharePoint Intranet
PlexHosted SharePoint hosting

PlexHosted - SharePoint Intranet 2013
PlexHosted – SharePoint Intranet 2013

SharePoint hosting 2013. Dedicated SharePoint Hosting 2013 – a no-code solution for business

Dedicated SharePoint Hosting 2013, No-code SharePoint solution, SharePoint solution for business, SharePoint hosting 2013

dedicated sharepoint hosting 2013
Dedicated SharePoint 2013
Dedicated SharePoint Hosting 2013, No-code SharePoint solution, SharePoint solution for business, SharePoint hosting 2013, SharePoint for business, SharePoint platform 2013
Do you want to use a no-code business solution that will save the money normally spent on developing custom code? It’s available right now! The pre-packed features already available in a SharePoint platform have a number of great no-code business solutions that will benefit your company. All you need to know to start working with SharePoint is how best to install, manage, and use SharePoint platform.
If you are not an IT guy, haven`t previously managed servers, or have never participated in the SharePoint installation process, I would recommend that you take a look at SharePoint hosting providers. At PlexHosted you can get a ready-to-go SharePoint environment in a couple of hours, not days!

Understanding dedicated SharePoint Hosting

As you know a dedicated SharePoint hosting solution is more expensive than multi-tenant SharePoint hosting. So there is a question: “Why would we need dedicated SharePoint hosting?” To answer this question we need to understand one important thing – the purpose of using SharePoint and SharePoint features.

The power of SharePoint as a no-code business solution allows companies to customize their SharePoint site by adding on pre-packaged third-party solutions to fit the company’s specific needs. SharePoint dedicated hosting allows you to build specific sites and provide your users with those specific features for data sharing and collaboration. As a result, SharePoint sites or SharePoint portals can be customized specifically for your company.

Dedicated SharePoint hosting benefits

Below you can find a few of the answers to your question “Why would we need dedicated SharePoint hosting?”

  • The end-user could have a simple SharePoint 2013 site that is easy-to-access and easy-to-use. This site will help them find and to do their tasks best.
  • A company’s employees can get access to urgent or important information from everywhere via the Internet regardless of their location.
  • For workers who want to work with daily tasks from a single place, their requirements can be met with SharePoint. This eliminates spreading information across multiple sites and applications.
  • SharePoint customization on dedicated servers make SharePoint sites more intuitive and easy to use for everyone in your company.
  • PlexHosted offers dedicated SharePoint servers that can be configured to meet all company requirements, so the server’s resources can grow as the company grows.
  • With a dedicated SharePoint environment, you can integrate SharePoint 2013 with other systems or social sites.

Considering the information you have read about SharePoint, the primary reason to invest in dedicated SharePoint hosting 2013 is your company can build, configure and manage its own SharePoint environment without developing a custom code solution. A dedicated SharePoint environment provides full control where custom solutions are deployed.

Start with the PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


Dedicated SharePoint Hosting 2013
Dedicated SharePoint features comparison

dedicated sharepoint hosting 2013
Dedicated SharePoint Hosting 2013 – a no-code solution for business

SharePoint Hosting 2013. Considerations when choosing a SharePoint Hosting 2013 Provider

SharePoint Hosting 2013, Choosing a SharePoint Hosting Provider, SharePoint Hosting, Qualified SharePoint Hosting 2013 provider

SharePoint Hosting 2013 providers
SharePoint Hosting 2013
Hosted SharePoint 2013, Choosing a SharePoint Hosting Provider, SharePoint Hosting 2013, Qualified SharePoint Hosting 2013 provider
Are you looking for a trustworthy and cost effective SharePoint Hosting 2013 Provider? Do you want a SharePoint site that does not lose your business data? Please read the following SharePoint hosting provider overview and so you can choose the best SharePoint hosting provider.

Considerations when choosing a SharePoint Hosting Provider

How to choose a qualified SharePoint Hosting provider?

Company owners and other decision makers can choose among several alternative SharePoint services that will be best for their company and provide the best return on investment. Here’s what to consider when choosing SharePoint for your business:

  • SharePoint Edition – First of all, you need to select the SharePoint version (2010 or 2013) you need and what feature edition, Foundation, Standard or Enterprise, has the most relevant features for you. Take a look at PlexHosted’s feature comparison page and see what features are best for your company and employees. This will help to determine what SharePoint edition works best for you.
  • SharePoint Storage and Users – How much storage is required for your site and how many users will be using it? Determine how many employees will need access to your site, and for what purposes it will used. This will help you to decide whether you need 500 Mb for simple document repository, or several GB for pictures, videos, forms, records, databases, and workbooks. Note that for a large storage requirement (from 100 GB) it may be more convenient and cost effective to setup a dedicated server. In addition PlexHosted has no user limits, so you can have 1, 2 or any other number of SharePoint users with the ability to increase/decrease the number of users and/or amount of storage at any time.
  • SharePoint Internet or Intranet site – Will you need to open your site to the public by enabling Anonymous access? The license for this feature is costly for Standard and Enterprise editions, so you should pay attention to this requirement. When choosing the proper SharePoint edition, SharePoint feature set and anonymous access are important to think about.

So now you know three main options that will assist you in choosing the best SharePoint hosting provider. Not all SharePoint hosting providers offer all SharePoint hosting plans with all the necessary features. It might be good for them, but will probably not work for you. PlexHosted offers four different SharePoint hosting plans: Foundation, Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise with PowerPivot which should meet your requirements. PlexHosted also offers multi-tenant hosting as well as dedicated servers for SharePoint hosting.

How to make sure you have chosen the best SharePoint hosting company with SharePoint experts?

The following guidelines will help you make sure you are working with SharePoint experts.

  • SharePoint support should be available 24/7/365 to help you resolve any issues or clarify configuration options.
  • 99.99% availability for SharePoint servers.
  • No hidden fees for SharePoint hosting services and support, and no hidden SharePoint limits.
  • Free SharePoint installation and configuration, free migration from other SharePoint hosting providers.

After answering these questions and putting together the necessary information, you will know what is needed for your business and find a perfect solution for you. But, if you still have questions, you are always free to ask PlexHosted’s SharePoint experts for their help. Since PlexHosted meets all these requirements you can be assured that you will be working with SharePoint experts.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


Hosted SharePoint 2013
SharePoint Hosting Provider

SharePoint Hosting 2013 Providers
SharePoint Hosting 2013 Providers