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SharePoint 2013 with PlexHosted
SharePoint 2013 Hosting with PlexHosted
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Hi dears,
I would like to inform you about a SharePoint 2013 availability at the PlexHosted Company.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 makes it easier for people to work together with new enchantments and tools for collaboration, project tracking and content management. You can get more fast and pretty SharePoint site with new Microsoft SharePoint 2013 features.

SharePoint 2013 Announce

PlexHosted Company is pleased to announce the availability of SharePoint 2013.
With PlexHosted three plans of SharePoint 2013 – SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Standard 2013, and SharePoint Server Enterprise 2013 you can more easily to set up web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.
PlexHosted staff will be happy to help you set up SharePoint 2013 sites in shared (multi-tenant) or dedicated environment depended of your needs and insure that your SharePoint 2013 hosting environment is secure with faster response times and superior throughput.

With SharePoint 2013 services from PlexHosted you can appreciate a lot of new SharePoint 2013 features. Please see a couple of SharePoint 2013 benefits:

  • It became easier to share and publish information
  • Ensure broad adoption
  • The ability to get personalized experiences
  • Improved from previous version SharePoint 2013 designer
  • Pretty look and feel of SharePoint 2013 sites

Think of SharePoint 2013 Sites as a “one-stop shop” for all your business solutions.


SharePoint servers 2012 high availability, Business security systems, Reliable dedicated servers 2012 for large business

PlexHosted – SharePoint for large companies
SharePoint servers 2012 high availability, Business security systems, Dedicated SharePoint for large business, High reliability and uptime
PlexHosted – High availability SharePoint for large companies
PlexHosted – High availability SharePoint servers

SharePoint servers 2012 high availability, Business security systems,  Reliable dedicated servers for large business, SharePoint for large companies, High reliability and uptime, Best servers 2012

Greetings everyone!
You have a large business and want to have a secure SharePoint failover server for your company? Please let me tell you about high availability SharePoint servers.

SharePoint for large companies

Powerful system – SharePoint

SharePoint – fast growing product from Microsoft that is well-known among the companies and corporations. This is one of the most powerful system which gained its popularity in all corporative circles. Microsoft has released not just a simple CMS, but a complex and flexible platform with a huge functionalities and abilities.

Popular system – SharePoint

There are a ton of articles and sites dedicated to SharePoint and this is another proof of SharePoint popularity. I want to give you a bit statistics, which say that one in two corporations are now using SharePoint Server and in 22% of the companies, every employee uses this Microsoft tool. This statistics was got from Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM).

So, maybe you have a question “Why so many large companies and big corporations are impressed by Microsoft SharePoint?”. I`ll try to answer on it in this post.

Inexpensive system – SharePoint

As I just said above – SharePoint is a way way way more than just a CMS. It is more like as an application framework. We can talk about the capabilities of SharePoint Server for hours, but that is not the point at the moment. The main point of the reason to choose SharePoint platform as a company’s site is the availability and low pricing of the SharePoint servers.

SharePoint server high availability

High availability SharePoint server

High availability of the SharePoint Server – this is one of the main reasons which makes companies think: “SharePoint system is the exactly what we need!”. With high availability SharePoint Server 2010 companies can build a robust, fault-tolerant, and high-availability corporate portals.

Reliable servers for business SharePoint systems

To start off (and this is quite important), you need to distinguish the meaning of high availability servers and disaster recovery servers. High availability gives users the ability to access the system, whether to submit new work, update or alter existing work, or collect the results of previous work and so on even in case of a failure of part of the infrastructure. Disaster recovery is a process of recovering an environment that has already failed. So, please keep in mind that high-available, failover systems are more required than simple systems for your successful business!
When investing in SharePoint high-availability of the environment company is assured that their users will certainly have an ability to perform their expected job responsibilities, and business and customer transactions won’t be stopped. Highly available SharePoint portal prevents loss of business and customers. With such environment companies can be confident that they are protected from missing critical deadlines because of down services resulting in lost business and damaged reputation.

Pluses of high availability

The other plus of SharePoint high-availability environment is designed to support big number of users online at the same time. In general company can have up to 2 million users per site collection in SharePoint 2010. It is not a problem if a few thousands of users or more will be online with such environment. This is a great benefit especially for large companies planning to have a public facing site.

SharePoint servers 2012 high availability pricing

Portal high availability pricing

Almost forgot, what about the pricing, I hope everyone understands that for big corporation availability – it is one of the most important points and is one of the most expensive requirements for a system. The higher the level of availability and the more systems that a company wants to protect the more complex and costly an availability solution is likely to be. When you choose to design the highly available SharePoint 2010 environment keep in mind that you will need to pay for additional hardware and software, which can increase the complexity of interactions among software applications and settings and the additional operational complexity. Sounds like not very good news. But look at the advantages above and the companies using SharePoint technology. . According to the National Archives & Records Administration, 50% of companies that lost their data center due to a disaster filed for immediate bankruptcy. If the company requires “five nines” level of availability and it can be ensured with continuous access to mission-critical content, I think the costs worth it.

Large companies with high availability SharePoint servers

SharePoint and large business

Because of all this advantages and ensuring the availability of critical SharePoint services SharePoint Server 2010 keeps the leading place and fast growth. To add a proof to my words I can give the examples of companies considered SharePoint as a “one-stop shop” for their business: Procter & Gamble, Kroger , Dell (Financial Services), Pfizer (UK site), Kraft Foods, HESS, Chrysler Group, Philip Morris International, Fluor and so on. These examples of SharePoint corporate portals illustrate the adoption of SharePoint in the corporate world.

So, if you want to have a secure, flexible and always working corporate portal do not waste your time and choose a high-availablity SharePoint servers for this purpose.

Dedicated SharePoint hosting for large business

PlexHosted are experts at setting up dedicated high-availability, secure SharePoint 2010 systems for its customers. Let me show you why.

Please visit our dedicated high availability servers overview or feel free to contact us for any information, or to ask a SharePoint 2010 question.

Additionally please keep in mind that PlexHosted have a three hosted plan of dedicated high availability SharePoint servers:
Dedicated SharePoint Foundation high availability servers
Dedicated SharePoint Standard high availability servers
Dedicated SharePoint Enterprise high availability servers

Hosted SharePoint 2010 trial, Free SharePoint 2010 trial, Free trial SharePoint for large companies

Free trial SharePoint for large companies, Hosted SharePoint 2010 trial, Free SharePoint 2010, Share point trial, Microsoft 2010 free trial
PlexHosted - Share point trial
PlexHosted – Hosted SharePoint 2010 trial

Free trial SharePoint for large companies, Hosted SharePoint 2010 trial, Free SharePoint 2010, Share point trial, Microsoft 2010 free trial, SharePoint free trial, Hosted SharePoint 2010 trial

Today, I have great news from PlexHosted for your business. As you probably know, PlexHosted company delivers managed services for hosting Microsoft`s most popular collaboration products which are cost-effective, secure, well managed, and highly available. And now you can get a trial SharePoint 2010 site for free!

Why PlexHosted free trial SharePoint 2010?

PlexHosted is a team of experts and well-known of unquestioned expertise in the hosting SharePoint industry.
PlexHosted company provide services of the high quality and excellent support that working 24/7/365. But it is natural that every company will say “Our services are the best”, “Choose us and you will not regret” but not all of them is ready to prove their quality. Often it`s disappointing. But this words isn`t about the PlexHosted company!
I would like to inform you that PlexHosted provides hosted SharePoint 2010 trial for large companies. If you have a large company and want to test SharePoint 2010 services, now you have an ability to do it. Just send a request to . Choose PlexHosted services and check the quality of them with the share point trial for large companies. This is a best way to get working SharePoint services, test them and be sure that they meet all your business requirements.

PlexHosted – Hosted SharePoint 2010 trial

Hosted SharePoint 2010 trial benefits

With PlexHosted hosted SharePoint 2010 trial solution you can lower your infrastructure capital and running costs by up to 60% with one predictable monthly rate based solely on your specific needs.
Choosing Sharepoint powerful collaboration tool you can connect people with the information and resources they need and improve your team productivity, easily manage documents.
SharePoint 2010 makes it easy for users to get up to speed quickly. You can build a perfect collaboration environment which is easy to manage and easy to scale with minimal administrative time and effort. You can take advantage of better controls for site life-cycle management, site memberships and permissions, and storage limits and increase the security of information resources, while decreasing cost and complexity associated with site provisioning, site management, and support. Deploy solutions tailored to your business process and make your SharePoint environment work just exactly as you need for successful business. SharePoint 2010 Sites can be a “one-stop shop” for all your business Web sites. They are easy to make. The full set of features in SharePoint 2010 Sites can help you build a site from start to finish and several out-of-the-box features provide instant value by helping a site owner build the first page right away.
With SharePoint for large companies free trial you can easily appreciate such a powerful collaboration platform and have a full range of highly qualified services and a proper support. Choose PlexHosted SharePoint services and you will be impressed how PlexHosted takes care about its customers and provides you with all the necessary services and resolves all the problems, answer questions and works with rare issues. I`m sure, that after this you will stay with PlexHosted as a client.

Hosted SharePoint 2010 trial

PlexHosted are experts at setting up hosted SharePoint 2010 sites for its customers. Let me show you why.
Please visit our hosted SharePoint overview or feel free to contact us for any information, or to ask a SharePoint 2010 question. Additionally please keep in mind that PlexHosted could provide you with a hosted SharePoint 2010 trial.

Looking forward to your mails!

Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Standard, Hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard Plans, Dedicated SharePoint Features Standard 2010

Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Standard, Hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard Plans, Dedicated SharePoint Features Standard 2010

Hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard Plans
SharePoint 2010 Standard Plans with PlexHosted

Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Standard, Hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard Plans, Dedicated SharePoint Features Standard 2010

Are you looking for the attractive SharePoint 2010 Standard Hosting Plans? Do you want hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard services in the dedicated environment? With PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint Standard pricing you can easily do it and save a lot of your money!
Please let me tell you about PlexHosted SharePoint 2010 Standard plans.

Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Standard overview

Microsoft SharePoint Standard 2010 extends Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 to provide a full-featured business collaboration platform that scales from the enterprise to the Web. This enables businesses to meet growing demands for internal and external collaboration and meet the fast-changing requirements of the new world of business-knowledge transfer, support for the next-generation workforce, virtual teams, open innovation, collaboration with partners and customers, and more – with a single, extensible, centrally managed enterprise platform. With dedicated SharePoint 2010 standard servers you can get all this functionality plus you will be provided by the full access and full control of your dedicated SharePoint 2010 standard server!

Dedicated SharePoint Features Standard 2010

SharePoint Features Standard 2010 – Navigation

With Hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard plans users are able to quickly and easily find and use relevant features with a new contextual ribbon and breadcrumb navigation, preview edits and additions as changes are made, select and action against multiple files at once. With dedicated environment you can change default navigation, default look and and feels to the custom, additionally you will can install any template you want.

SharePoint Features Standard 2010 – SharePoint 2010 Standard access

SharePoint 2010 Standard hosting plans also offers improved cross-browser support and additionally you can get access to all your SharePoint Standard 2010 sites and view SharePoint site`s content on your mobile devices!

SharePoint Features Standard 2010 – Developing

All SharePoint Enterprise 2010 features for developers are included to the hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard Plan. So you can easily use such features as Developer Dashboard, Sandboxed Solutions and other. But if you want deployed Farm Solutions to test or use them – dedicated SharePoint 2010 Standard is the best solutions for you. You can do a lot of customization and test developed farm solutions there without any restricts!

SharePoint Features Standard 2010 – Data Storage

For unstructured data storage hosted SharePoint standard provides lists which can be created at runtime and have typed data added at runtime. They have built in views for sorting and listing data and built in forms for creating and editing data. With dedicated SharePoint standard 2010 you can your dedicated servers as data storage, additionally you can connect to the server as external data source.

SharePoint Features Standard 2010 – Sociality and Search

Additionally SharePoint 2010 Standard hosting plans are includes such necessary social features as Enterprise Wikis (you can create your Wiki site collection), Ratting and Tagging, and Search (Site and People Search as well). Please keep in mind that SharePoint MySites and profile pages are included to all of hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard plans!

Dedicated and hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard Plans

PlexHosted are experts at setting up hosted SharePoint 2010 sites for its customers. Let me show you why.
Please visit our dedicated SharePoint 2010 standard overview or feel free to contact us for any information, or to ask a SharePoint 2010 question. Additionally please keep in mind that PlexHosted provide a hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard plan.

SharePoint Search Services, Search in SharePoint 2010, Foundation Search 2010, Search SharePoint 2010

PlexHosted – Search SharePoint
SharePoint Search Services
Search in SharePoint 2010
Foundation Search 2010
SharePoint Foundation Search 2010
SharePoint 2010 Foundation Search
SharePoint Search Services 2010, Search in SharePoint 2010, Foundation Search 2010, Search SharePoint 2010

Hello everybody! I would like to tell you about SharePoint search services in Foundation version of SharePoint 2010.

Foundation search 2010

Search in SharePoint 2010 necessity

You want structure your site data and start collaboration work? As you know the best way to organize team work is using SharePoint Foundation Services 2010. If you still haven`t SharePoint 2010 site you can easily get it from PlexHosted company! Please visit SharePoint Foundation services overview at PlexHosted`s site.
If you already have a SharePoint 2010 site ant it`s contain a huge amount of lists, libraries, tasks, documents and other data it usually takes a while to find the necessary content. Users can waste up to 5 minutes to find what is needed. It is a bothering and inconvenient process because of which sharepoint search services may become an essential requirement when choosing services. Using of SharePoint Foundation Search 2010 resolves this problem and makes your business process faster, easier and more productive.

SharePoint Search Services

Search in SharePoint 2010 is a great convenient feature. SharePoint 2010 Search inherits the look and feel of the site and helps you to find information anywhere in SharePoint Foundation site by providing results to your current site or list. It has been improved and now additionally allows using refinement for getting the most relevant search results.

SharePoint Foundation Search 2010 saves you time, nerves and also your money. It makes you free from purchasing different third-party tools and applications.

If you want to know more please do not hesitate PlexHosted company staff.
SharePoint 2010 Services
Foundation Search 2010

Microsoft Business Services, Microsoft Business Solutions 2010, Microsoft Services 2010 Hosting, PlexHosted Integrated Business Plans

PlexHosted – Integrated Hosting Plans for your Business
Microsoft Business Services – SharePoint 2010, Lync 2010, Microsoft Exchange 2010 Email
PlexHosted Business Hosting Plans
PlexHosted Integrated Business Plans, Microsoft Business Services, Microsoft Business Solutions 2010, Microsoft Services 2010 Hosting

Searching for suitable and combined package of Microsoft Business Services such as Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Lync 2010?
I really like to tell you that PlexHosted provides the best Microsoft Solutions for business with Integrated Business Hosting Plans.

Microsoft Services 2010 for business

PlexHosted Integrated Business Plans

By subscribing an appropriate integrated business plan customers will achieve the great opportunity to appreciate all the benefits of Microsoft Business Services 2010:

Microsoft Business Services Exchange 2010Microsoft Exchange 2010 provides businesses with email, calendar, and contacts on the PC, phone & web, so employees can stay connected and in sync.
Microsoft Business Services SharePoint 2010Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – platform for effective business and collaboration for the sharing information with others, manage documents, and publish reports.
Microsoft Business Services Lync 2010Microsoft Lync 2010 is a communications platform which gives users real-time presence information—including photos, availability, and location—and secure IM.

PlexHosted Integrated Business Plans Pricing

The start price for PlexHosted Standard Business Plan is only $10.95 annual for Microsoft Exchange 2010 Standard, Microsoft Lync 2010 Enterprise, and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Standard. Upon the capabilities provided by our Standard business plan our Professional and Enterprise business plans are built. Additionally, we require NO upfront investment or on-going maintenance and upgrade fees.

To get more information about PlexHosted Integrated Business Plans please visit PlexHosted site pages.

PlexHosted Integrated Business Plans Pricing

Best mobile clients for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Android application.

Android client for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

As many of you know, the Android mobile operating system has exploded to be the second leading OS in the US. If you have an Android phone, wouldn’t it be great to get direct access to SharePoint Sites 2010 from your handset – and without the frustration of a mobile Web browser?

Well, now you’ve got it! NewsGator Social Sites 2010 for Android.
This Android application is a companion to NewsGator Social Sites 2010. You will need a NewsGator mobile license to deploy this application.
This Android application provides users with direct access to their Social Sites 2010 enterprise social computing environment. NewsGator Social Sites is the leading social business software most deeply integrated with the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 collaboration platform. This Android client gives Social Sites 2010 users the ability to access and interact with their activity stream, colleagues, and communities in SharePoint 2010. If you use a different type of smartphone you can access as well with Social Sites 2010 Mobile Clients for the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry®.

Social Sites 2010 Mobile Client users can:

  • View the activity stream to see what their colleagues are saying and doing
  • Enter a status update to keep colleagues informed of their latest accomplishments and activities
  • Access their community discussions and conversations
  • Upload videos, links, and photos to add richness to their interactions
  • Like or comment on colleague action and events (such as added documents, idea submissions, or bookmarked links)
  • Find and interact with colleagues and community members – initiate emails, phone calls, or targeted updates
  • Receive proactive notifications when colleagues like or comment on your activities