How to send documents by email to the SharePoint 2010 site using SharePlus

Do you want be mobile? Do you want send documents to your SharePoint site anywhere? Send documents by mobile email to your SharePoint site is easy now!

Hello everybody!

Are you ok? I hope so!

In this post I like to tell you about iPhone, iPad, Android mobile client for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. I have used PlexHosted SharePoint site, my iPhone and mobile client SharePlus for the configuring incoming email.

Firstly you must be sure that your provider have enabled the feature “Incoming Email” to your SharePoint 2010 site (btw, PlexHosted Foundation and Enterprise sites have this feature enabled by default for all PlexHosted users! 😉 ).

Secondly – you must configure your Document Library or List to receive incoming email. It is very simple.

  • Go to the Library Settings (or List Settings) at the tab Library (or List).
  • Then click the link Incoming e-mail settings at the part Communications
  • Select Allow this list to receive e-mail, complete List`s email address and configure other setting.
Thirdly you must go to your iOS or Android device and check that you have configured email setting for your device. After that you can go to the SharePlus and choose your site collection (or add a new SharePoint 2010 Site). I have a letter icon in the right down corner in my iPhone . Click the letter icon and complete field To. You must enter there a List`s email, that was configured in your SharePoint 2010 site. Complete field Subject, enter message body and click Send.
You can see your post at the SharePoint 2010 site!
Be mobile! Good luck!

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