How to configure Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPhone

Configuration Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPhone

Hi! I like to tell you about the best instant messager for your iPhone. To be mobile you just need configure Microsoft Lync 2010 on your iPhone.
To do this you must have a hosted Lync account. Plexhosted can help you in this 😉 just visit our site to get more information.
After that you must install and run the Lync Mobile Client. Complete your credentials such as e-mail and password in the required fields and Sign In. When you sign in to the Lync mobile client you can see configuration screen. Click on the Next button at the configuration screen.

Complete your phone number and click on the button Next. Click the button Done to finish configuration.

After configuration Microsoft Lync 2010 mobile client you can see the screen with your personal information on your iPhone. You can change Lync status and add add your friends or colleagues to the Lync contact list. To do this just start type contact name at the Search box and choose contact from hints. After adding contact you can see the contact card at the tab Contacts. All these steps you can see at screens below.


After these simple steps you can using Lync 2010 on your iPhone! To start chatting click on the Chat icon and you can type your message and click the button Send. You can see and manage your conversations at the following screen at the tab Chat.

For more additional information you can visit Microsoft Lync 2010 overview.
Be mobile! Using Lync 2010 on your iPhone! Cheers!


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