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BlackBerry Email Configuration, BlackBerry Exchange 2010, Subfolder Syncronization On your BlackBerry

How to configure an Exchange 2010 subfolder synchronization on the BlackBerry mobile device

As we know, by default, BlackBerry email subfolders will be empty and will not synchronize with Exchange 2010. So you would be able to see all your Inbox and Sent mails only in the one folder. It is not very comfortable, you know!

Do you want to see all your Microsoft Exchange 2010 subfolders on your BlackBerry? So, do following simple steps to enable email subfolders synchronization on your Blackberry mobile device!

What do you need for this?
– a hosted Exchange 2010 account (btw, you can purchase Exchange 2010 service at PlexHosted company)
– an activated BlackBerry mobile device
– a wireless account provisioned for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)

1. Go to the Messages application on your Blackberry device.
2. Press the BlackBerry key to open the menu and then select Options.

BlackBerry mail options

3. Select Email Settings.

BlackBerry Email Settings

4. Press the BlackBerry key again and select Folder Redirection.

BlackBerry Folder Redirection Option

5. Select the folder you wish to synchronize and press the central button to set redirection for that folder. Redirected folders will be in blue.

BlackBerry Set Redirection

6. Press the BlackBerry key and select Save.

BlackBerry Save Settings

To get more information please visit the PlexHosted site or feel free to contact us for any information.

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