BlackBerry SharePoint application, BlackBerry with SharePoint 2010

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BlackBerry mobile SharePoint client
BlackBerry SharePoint Mobile Client

BlackBerry SharePoint 2010 Application, SharePoint 2010 mobile client for BlackBerry , SharePoint 2010 on BlackBerry mobile device

SharePoint 2010 features on your BlackBerry

If you have a BlackBerry phone, wouldn’t it be great to get direct access to SharePoint 2010 sites from your handset?

If you`ve ever tried to access your SharePoint 2010 portal using your mobile web browser, you may have found that it`s a bit difficult to navigate and doesn`t offer a great level of integration with your phone`s operating system. So what do you do?

Today, we’ve got the answer: you can easily do it with the SharePoint 2010 mobile client for BlackBerry!

BlackBerry SharePoint 2010 client BlackBerry SharePoint mobile client

The BlackBerry Mobile Client for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 enables secure enterprise collaboration and puts essential team resources and document management tools into the hands of mobile professionals.

SharePoint 2010 application on your BlackBerry device

Document-based mobile collaboration for BlackBerry devices

  • Securely check out, download, edit, upload, check in and send links to shared documents from anywhere in the world.
  • Add calendar events directly from a SharePoint calendar into your BlackBerry calendar, and add BlackBerry calendar appointments into SharePoint to stay in sync with team members.
  • Find content, edit documents and manage events easily, thanks to tight integration with core BlackBerry applications such as email, calendar and Documents To Go.
  • Help avoid interruptions to your business operations. Initiate, approve, reject or reassign workflow transactions right from your BlackBerry smartphone.

Secure and manageable for IT on the BlackBerry mobile device

  • Leverages existing BlackBerry Infrastructure and support, while providing robust and scalable mobile access to Microsoft SharePoint 2010.
  • Allows users to work with Microsoft SharePoint content without repeated logins, thanks to NTLMv2 support.
  • Lets mobile users collaborate quickly on documents without emailing them or saving copies to their computers.
  • Provides trusted BlackBerry security and IT policies, and respects Microsoft SharePoint access controls.

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