Windows Phone Email, Windows Phone 7.5 Email, Nokia Lumia 900 with Exchange 2010

Nokia Lumia with Exchange 2010
Windows Phone Email Configuration
How To Configure Exchange 2010 Email on Windows Phone 7.5
Windows Phone 7.5 with Exchange 2010 Email

Windows Phone 7.5 Email, Windows Phone Email, How To Setup Email On Windows Phone, Exchange 2010 Email on Nokia Lumia 900

How to configure an Exchange 2010 email on Windows Phone 7.5 (e.g. Nokia Lumia 900).

Microsoft Exchange 2010 Email with Windows Phone 7.5 OS?
It`s really easy!

Do these simple steps and configure your Windows Phone 7.5 OS to connect to PlexHosted Microsoft Exchange 2010. You can really quick and easy configure the Exchange 2010 email account at your new Nokia Lumia 900 mobile device.

1. To connect Nokia Lumia 900 to the PlexHosted Exchange 2010 Email system from the home screen, tap on the option for Email.
2. Go to the settings of Nokia Lumia 900 and choose the “Email and Accounts” option.
Windows Phone email accounts
3. If you are setting up an email account for the first time you will be prompted to choose what type of email account you want to configure. If you already have an Exchange 2010 email account configured, tap on the menu button and select the option to Add email account.

Nokia Lumia email Accounts

4. Select Outlook as the type of your Exchange 2010 email account to create.

Windows Phone Outlook account

5. You will be prompted to enter PlexHosted Exchange 2010 email address and password. Enter the details and tap Sign In.

Nokia Lumia Outlook account

6.  Windows Phone 7.5 will attempt to determine the correct connection settings to use automatically. If it is not able to determine these settings, you will be prompted to enter your PlexHosted Exchange 2010 username and domain. Enter the required information and tap Sign In.

Windows Phone Change Username

7. If you see an error that the settings could not be determined, tap on the Advanced button at your Windows Phone device.

Windows Phone Advanced settings

8. Enter in the Server address of PlexHosted Exchange 2010 server ( Enter in the information and tap Sign In again, now you should find that you connect and data starts to synchronize.

Windows Phone Server settings

9. You can see your Exchange account at the Email and Accounts tab as shown at the screen below.

Windows Phone Exchange profile

Enjoy Exchange 2010 Email on your Windows Phone! PlexHosted take care about your mails!

Exchange 2010 Email Hosting
Windows Phone 7.5 Exchange 2010 Email


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