Lync 2010 Mobile Client Configuration, Lync 2010 Application on Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone 7.5 with Microsoft Lync 2010

Lync Mobile Client Configuration
Lync 2010 App on Nokia Lumia 900
How to configure Lync 2010 with Windows Phone 7.5
PlexHosted Lync 2010 on Nokia Lumia
How to configure Lync 2010 on Windows Phone 7.5, Lync 2010 App on Nokia Lumia 900, Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile Client Configuration

Microsoft Lync 2010 at your new Nokia Lumia 900?
It`s really easy! Just do following simple steps and configure your Windows Phone 7.5 OS to connect to PlexHosted Lync 2010.

How to configure a Lync 2010 Mobile Client on Windows Phone 7.5 (e.g. Nokia Lumia 900).

In my previous post I told you about Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile Client features for Nokia Lumia 900 (Windows Phone). And in this post I would like to tell you about the configuration Lync 2010 mobile client for Windows Mobile (e.g. Nokia Lumia). Let`s go!

To do this you must have a hosted Lync 2010 account. PlexHosted can help you in this! Just visit our PlexHosted company site to get more information.

If you already have a hosted Lync 2010 account you need to install and run the Lync 2010 Mobile Client on Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia) by clicking at the Lync 2010 icon. Complete your credentials such as e-mail and password in the required fields and click OK.

Lync 2010 Mobile Client Lync 2010 Login Form

When you sign in to the Lync 2010 mobile client you can see configuration screen. Click on the Next icon at the configuration screen.

Lync 2010 Configuration Screen

Set up your Windows Phone number for online meetings and click at the Next icon. Turn on Lync push notification as shown at the screens below and click at the OK icon.

Windows Phone Dialer Lync 2010 push notification

After the Microsoft Lync 2010 mobile client configuration you can see the screen with your personal information on your Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone). You can change Lync status and add your friends or colleagues to the Lync contact list or add a note. All these steps you can see at screens below.

Lync 2010 Client info Lync 2010 Client Contacts
Lync 2010 Client Conversations Lync 2010 Client Personal Note

After these simple steps you can use Lync 2010 on your Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone)!

Windows Phone Lync 2010 Nokia Lumia Lync 2010

You can see chat conversation options as shown at the screen below.

Lync 2010 Client Conversation Options

Options in an IM let you turn it into a phone call – this launches the phone dialer.

Windows Phone Call Nokia Lumia Call

Be mobile! Using Lync 2010 on your Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone)! Cheers!

Lync 2010 Hosting for Windows Phone 7.5


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