Dedicated SharePoint 2012 and new Office 365 integration, Office 365 with SharePoint and SQL 2012 servers integration

PlexHosted – Dedicated SharePoint integration with Office 365
Dedicated SharePoint and Office 365 integration, Office 365 with SharePoint integration, Active Directory synchronization with O365
PlexHosted - Dedicated SharePoint with Office 365
PlexHosted – Dedicated SharePoint & Office 365

PlexHosted – Dedicated SharePoint integration with Microsoft Office 365, Dedicated SharePoint 2010-2013 and new Microsoft Office 365, Configure  Office 365 with ShP integration, SharePoint Active Directory (AD) synchronization with Office 365, O365 and SharePoint dedicated

Hi folks!
I would like to tell you about PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint and Office 365 integration.

Dedicated SharePoint server

SharePoint dedicated servers at PlexHosted

If you need a dedicated SharePoint server with more powerful functionality and full accesses to your SharePoint environment – PlexHosted solution is more than appropriate to you. PlexHosted provides fully managed, secure, dedicated SharePoint servers that can meet all your business requirements. With Dedicated SharePoint you or your SharePoint administrator can deploy third-party web parts, implement server-side customization that streamline work processes, and access all levels of site data, all with complete administrative control of your SharePoint site if you need a custom solution with specific needs of your organization or alternatively  PlexHosted can do all the necessary customization for you. PlexHosted can take care of setup, maintenance, troubleshooting and monitoring and you can save your money and time, because PlexHosted support team will act like your outsourced SharePoint IT staff. Now you can concentrate on your direct targets w/o involving your team in SharePoint administration process.

Active Directory in dedicated SharePoint servers

The additional and one of the most significant advantages of PlexHosted dedicated packages for you as an Office 365 user is that we can easily integrate PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint service with Microsoft Office 365. So your organization’s administrators can keep Active Directory continuously synchronized with SharePoint and Office 365 and reduce the complexity of access with single sign-on meaning that you will be able to login Office 365 apps with your SharePoint username and password. Single sign-on and the control of the user account policies, password policies and all other benefits of synchronization Active directory with Office 365 makes the administration process much more easier.
Make the most successful implementation of fully managed, secure, dedicated SharePoint servers, integrate it with MS Office 365, let PlexHosted take care of you SharePoint environment and stay focused on your business goals!

SharePoint Active Directory and Office 365

Active Directory and PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint servers

If you already have a dedicated SharePoint server with PlexHosted and have subscribed to Microsoft Office 365, you can easily synchronize your existing SharePoint Active Directory and Office 365 directory, and create synchronized versions of each user account and group. This has multiple benefits for users as well as for administrators. It lets users to use corporate credentials for access to Office 365 services and SharePoint as well. Users don’t have to sign in again and remember multiple passwords. As for administrators they can control account policies through Active Directory, control access to MS Office 365, reduce support calls regarding forgotten passwords and keep user identities and information protected. Btw, you need to keep in mind that PlexHosted have support team, that work for you 24/7/365 (if you have a dedicated SharePoint server with PlexHosted).

PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint servers

PlexHosted are experts at setting up dedicated fully-management, secure SharePoint  servers for its customers. Let me show you why.

Please visit our dedicated sharepoint overview or feel free to contact us for any information, or to ask a SharePoint question.

PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint overview
PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint plans comparison


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