Highly available SharePoint servers, SharePoint 2013 across multiple servers, SharePoint large cross-farm architecture

PlexHosted – Highly available SharePoint servers
Highly available SharePoint farm, SharePoint 2013 across multiple servers, SharePoint large cross-farm architecture, High Availability
PlexHosted – Highly available SharePoint servers
PlexHosted – Highly available SharePoint servers

Highly available SharePoint servers, Highly available SharePoint farm, SharePoint 2013 across multiple servers, SharePoint large cross-farm architecture, SharePoint High Availability (HA)

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As you know, computing systems and applications are essential part of modern life and we cannot imagine our business life without them at present days. It is especially true for e-commerce companies, but also of great importance for other businesses. If a company uses such systems to perform business critical functions like order processing and tracking, inventory control, transaction processing, customer support, and electronic commerce the consequences of failing these systems may be catastrophic.

SharePoint large farm architecture

SharePoint large farm servers

In case some of functions described below are not accessible you can lose revenue and productivity, have your customer unsatisfied, lose business critical information and have reduced decision making capabilities. All these consequences made companies to choose highly available environments that are up and running 24/7 and 365 days per year for performing their business tasks.
The other important thing that hosting provider can offer is support and monitoring for SharePoint servers 24/7/365. So with dedicated highly available SharePoint server you can get a widely used corporation tool which gained its popularity in all corporate circles which gives you an ability to build a robust, fault-tolerant, and highly available portal that will survive the loss of any one component.

Get SharePoint on multiple servers

With PlexHosted you can easily get highly available SharePoint farm and be sure that all your applications are protected from failing because SharePoint architecture is based on multiple servers, users will have a high ability to perform their expected job responsibilities, and business and customer transactions won`t be stopped. Having chosen a solution providing high level of accessibility you can prevent your company from loss of business, customers and damaged reputation. And here starts good news for you. PlexHosted provides fully managed, high-available dedicated SharePoint servers with SharePoint Foundation, Standard or Enterprise editions.

Highly accessible SharePoint servers

Highly accessible SharePoint portal is an essential requirement for companies planning to build a public facing site. It is designed to support big number of users online at the same time. In general company can have up to 2 million users per site collection if SharePoint large farm architecture is used.

Highly available SharePoint servers

Disaster recovery and high-available SharePoint systems

High availability of the SharePoint Server – this is one of the main reasons which makes companies think: “SharePoint system is the exactly what we need!”. When choosing highly accessible redundant environment for your business, note that you must distinguish high-availability and disaster recovery. Even in case of a failure of part of the infrastructure highly available SharePoint portal gives you an ability to access the system, submit new work, update the existing work, or collect the results of previous work. And disaster recovery process helps you to recover an environment that has already failed. So, please be careful with SharePoint provider choosing, because some of SharePoint providers offer cheap “Disaster Recovery” systems but called them “High Availability” SharePoint servers.

Benefits of SharePoint high availability SharePoint server

All of front-end web servers, application servers, database servers will be protected from unplanned hardware, software and human errors. It will be also protected from planned downtime resulting from reconfiguration, hardware upgrades, hot fixes and service packs as well as protected from data loss or corruption, from site failures or disasters. I think it`s a good reason to buy highly available dedicated SharePoint servers for your company, isn`t it?

Dedicated SharePoint hosting for large business

And finally, if you still hesitate whether you should invest in highly available SharePoint 2010 or not answer one of the following questions:

  • Will employees be unable to perform their expected job responsibilities in case the system site, service, or farm becomes unavailable?
  • Will business and customer transactions be stopped, leading to loss of revenues and customers when system becomes unavailable?

If you have answered “yes” on at least one of these questions then yes, you certainly should. In addition, if you want to get best support, monitoring SharePoint servers you need to take a look at PlexHosted company services.
PlexHosted are experts at setting up dedicated high-availability, secure SharePoint 2010-2013 systems for its customers. Let me show you why.

Please visit our dedicated high availability servers overview or feel free to contact us for any information, or to ask a SharePoint question.

Additionally please keep in mind that PlexHosted have a three hosted plan of dedicated high availability SharePoint servers:
Dedicated SharePoint Foundation high availability servers
Dedicated SharePoint Standard high availability servers
Dedicated SharePoint Enterprise high availability servers


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