PlexHosted Announces. Improved SharePoint hosting pricing.

Improved SharePoint hosting pricing, Dedicated SharePoint hosting, Multi-tenant SharePoint hosting, Hosted SharePoint 2013 Sites

Improved SharePoint 2013 Hosting Plans
Improved SharePoint 2013 Hosting Plans
PlexHosted Announces, Improved SharePoint hosting pricing, Dedicated SharePoint hosting, Multi-tenant SharePoint hosting, Hosted SharePoint 2013 Sites
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In this post we will talk about the SharePoint hosting. You should be happy to know that PlexHosted offers the best price for hosted SharePoint 2013. As always, you can learn about PlexHosted new prices New SharePoint Hosting 2013 plans or, firstly, learn about main changes in SharePoint hosting plans and after that review them.

Hosted SharePoint site

A hosted SharePoint site delivers to end users the powerful features of SharePoint. If you choose a multi-tenant environment of PlexHosted SharePoint hosting, you can avoid the associated overhead of managing the SharePoint infrastructure yourself. This solution eliminates the need for IT staff to monitor and manage SharePoint servers. Flexible management options of SharePoint hosting ensure that you can get the SharePoint site control you need to meet all requirements of your business.

New SharePoint Hosting plans from PlexHosted

So, you want to know about main changes in SharePoint Hosting plans from PlexHosted. The one main change from old SharePoint hosting plans to new SharePoint hosting plans is that the price for SharePoint 2013 hosting has been lowered! This change has been applied for multi-tenant SharePoint hosting as well as dedicated SharePoint hosting.

SharePoint Hosting environments: Multi-Tenant and Dedicated

Multi-tenant SharePoint Hosting Environment

With multi-tenant hosting solutions you can get access to the SharePoint site collection level without having to pay for a dedicated SharePoint hosting environment. The new price for SharePoint Multi-Tenant hosting starts from $7.95/Month for 0.5GB of site storage. For more details please click: New SharePoint Foundation hosting plans

Dedicated SharePoint Hosting Environment

With dedicated SharePoint hosting you get root access to all servers in your SharePoint farm as well as complete access to SharePoint Central Administration. In addition full white label customer branding is also available. For those customers who need to add additional custom software to meet business requirements that exceed the out-of-the-box SharePoint solution, a dedicated hosting environment will work best for you. The new price for dedicated SharePoint hosting starts from $380/Month, more details you can read here: New Dedicated SharePoint 2013 plans
If you are not sure what plan is the best for you, please read more information about dedicated vs multi-tenant SharePoint hosting in the overview Dedicated or Hosted SharePoint hosting
To read more about SharePoint hosting, please visit PlexHosted site page SharePoint Hosting Overview

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


Multi-tenant SharePoint Hosting | Foundation 2013 price
Multi-tenant SharePoint Hosting | Standard 2013 price
Multi-tenant SharePoint Hosting | Enterprise 2013 price

New SharePoint Hosting Plans
New SharePoint Hosting Plans

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