SharePoint Search Services, Search in SharePoint 2010, Foundation Search 2010, Search SharePoint 2010

PlexHosted – Search SharePoint
SharePoint Search Services
Search in SharePoint 2010
Foundation Search 2010
SharePoint Foundation Search 2010
SharePoint 2010 Foundation Search
SharePoint Search Services 2010, Search in SharePoint 2010, Foundation Search 2010, Search SharePoint 2010

Hello everybody! I would like to tell you about SharePoint search services in Foundation version of SharePoint 2010.

Foundation search 2010

Search in SharePoint 2010 necessity

You want structure your site data and start collaboration work? As you know the best way to organize team work is using SharePoint Foundation Services 2010. If you still haven`t SharePoint 2010 site you can easily get it from PlexHosted company! Please visit SharePoint Foundation services overview at PlexHosted`s site.
If you already have a SharePoint 2010 site ant it`s contain a huge amount of lists, libraries, tasks, documents and other data it usually takes a while to find the necessary content. Users can waste up to 5 minutes to find what is needed. It is a bothering and inconvenient process because of which sharepoint search services may become an essential requirement when choosing services. Using of SharePoint Foundation Search 2010 resolves this problem and makes your business process faster, easier and more productive.

SharePoint Search Services

Search in SharePoint 2010 is a great convenient feature. SharePoint 2010 Search inherits the look and feel of the site and helps you to find information anywhere in SharePoint Foundation site by providing results to your current site or list. It has been improved and now additionally allows using refinement for getting the most relevant search results.

SharePoint Foundation Search 2010 saves you time, nerves and also your money. It makes you free from purchasing different third-party tools and applications.

If you want to know more please do not hesitate PlexHosted company staff.
SharePoint 2010 Services
Foundation Search 2010

HARMON.IE for Mobile, HARMON.IE overview, best iPad clients for SharePoint 2010, best iPhone clients for SharePoint 2010

PlexHosted – HARMON.IE overview
Best iPad clients for SharePoint
Best iPhone clients for SharePoint
HARMON.IE mobile client for SharePoint 2010 access mobile client
SharePoint 2010 with HARMON.IE
Best iPad clients for SharePoint 2010, HARMON.IE for Mobile, HARMON.IE overview, Best iPhone clients for SharePoint 2010, HARMON.IE mobile client for SharePoint 2010 access

Hi, I`m really glad to see you!
A few days ago I have checked the great iPad/iPhone mobile client for access to the SharePoint 2010 data – It`s very useful and really cool application for your mobile device!
So, I would love to tell you about the best iPad/iPhone client for SharePoint 2010 –

HARMON.IE overview

HARMON.IE – your SharePoint 2010 data in your hands!

  • Access and navigate SharePoint sites directly from your iPad and iPhone
  • Get real-time updates on colleagues and documents activity on iOS devices
  • Share information with colleagues from the road by using iPad/iPhone
  • Reach out to the last document contributor with one click

HARMON.IE main features

With HARMON.IE you can easily get access and navigate SharePoint 2010 sites directly from your mobile device. Anytime, anywhere! Access important information and share it with colleagues on the road. No more need to call or email to check on project progress. It`s impressive, isn`t it?

Additionally you can get real-time updates as colleagues edit important documents such as proposals and contracts. Reach out to the last document contributor with one click. No more need to call or email to check on project progress.

HARMON.IE versions

HARMON.IE provide three versions of the mobile client.
There are: Lite (FREE version), Premium Edition ($19.99) and Enterprise Edition that would be available at Q2, 2012.

HARMON.IE SharePoint 2010 usability

So I have downloaded the Lite version of HARMON.IE from AppStore(Apple) and tested it. Please see some screens below.

This is the main screen. You can see it at the starting HARMON.IE mobile client

harmonie mobile client

If you haven`t a SharePoint site yet, you can test all features at the HARMON.IE test site. I think, it`s great option! test site

You can see your SharePoint 2010 site structure and browse libraries, lists and files via HARMON.IE mobile client. browse documents

You can really easy get real-time SharePoint 2010 site updates as colleagues edit important documents such as proposals and contracts. Reach out to the last document contributor with one click. No more need to call or email to check on project progress. SharePoint site updates

People search is working at HARMON.IE like a charm as well! SharePoint people search

Another useful feature is browsing history at the HARMON.IE mobile client. You can go to the last SharePoint library or document without need to remember the location of them. history

If you want to get more details about the best client for iPad/iPhone you can follow web site.

If you haven`t SharePoint 2010 account you can hosted it with PlexHosted. Please see about SharePoint at the PlexHosted SharePoint 2010 overview page.

SharePoint 2010 vs CMS, Collaboration in SharePoint 2010, Content Management Systems comparison

SharePoint 2010 vs CMS
Collaboration in SharePoint 2010
SharePoint content management
Content Management Systems comparison
Content Management Systems comparison
Content Management Systems
Collaboration in SharePoint 2010, SharePoint content management, SharePoint 2010 vs CMS, Content Management Systems comparison

Hi 2 all, I hope you are well!
Most of information workers and IT guys and developers are acknowledged about different CMSs and of course they at least heard about SharePoint 2010, if not use it.
I would love to tell you about Content Management Systems vs SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010 and CMS overview


CMS (e.g. Joomla, Drupal, etc.) is a content management system, which enables building Web sites and online applications.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 is a platform for business and collaboration, within which users get a great variety of abilities.

Content Management Systems comparison

These both technologies are widely used all over the world. However SharePoint 2010 is way way way more than just a CMS. SharePoint is more like an application framework.

Depending of what is needed workers of small and medium-sized businesses, and large organizations choose the suitable platform which meets their specific requirements. And I would like to tell you about differences between Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and other CMSs. I will take Joomla content management systems as an example of CMS.

CMS (e.g. Joomla)

As it was already said, such CMS like Joomla are used for building web sites and storing a variety of files, documents and other content. One of the advantages of such systems is their simplicity. The system does not require the administrator to any special knowledge or skills. You can easily used it for simple web sites and applications. And it is flexible since users can deploy with tons of add-ons covering all kinds of categories.

SharePoint content management

What about SharePoint 2010, using it is a bit more complicated, but it does not require special skills as well. It has ribbon user interface, just like other Microsoft`s applications. SharePoint 2010 provides lot of features for building site, setting up necessary rules, creating necessary content and downloading documents. It has a big area of capabilities and high level of compliancy. One of the greatest advantages of SharePoint 2010 is the integration with Microsoft Office applications which gives users a significant working experience and connects all the necessary business tools together. It enables creating lists and structuralizing data in a friendly manner. SharePoint 2010 is integrated with Microsoft Workspace and can be accessed offline. Connection with Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft Lync 2010 is also of great importance. It enables sending emails and instant messages and stay in line with a one click. Within “photos and presence” feature customers have an ability to communicate and collaborate even more effectively. The ability to customize SharePoint 2010, create alerts, dashboards, and workflows without a line of code within SharePoint Designer was also appreciated by users greatly.

So, in addition to all its advantages, if you want a great document site – SharePoint 2010 would be the best solution. It also perfect for Intranets, Internal Portals, knowledge sharing and so on.

If you are interesting to start up with SharePoint 2010, you can do it really easy as with Joomla, you need to sign up an appropriate for you plan from PlexHosted company.

To get more information about SharePoint 2010 please visit PlexHosted SharePoint 2010 overview page.

Additionally you can take a look at the PlexHosted Dedicated SharePoint 2010 and have your own server to collaboration in SharePoint 2010!

SQL server 2012 with SharePoint 2010, SQL Microsoft server 2012, SQL server 2012 with SharePoint 2010 compatibility

PlexHosted – SQL server 2012 and SharePoint 2010
SQL Microsoft server 2012
SQL server 2012 with SharePoint 2010 compatibility
SQL microsoft server 2012
SQL server 2012 with SharePoint 2010, SQL Microsoft server 2012, SQL server 2012 with SharePoint 2010 compatibility

Hi, nice to meet you here again!
I would love to tell you about the new Microsoft software – Microsoft SQL server 2012.
By the way, I want make you happy – sqlserver 2012 is compatible with the SharePoint 2010!

Microsoft SQL 2012 server overview

SQL 2012

SQL microsoft server is a platform which helps in building solutions to extend data across on-premises and public cloud. With the latest version of Microsoft SQL server – SQL Server 2012 customers get the ability to manage effectively the growing amounts of data and to perform quick and qualitative business analysis.

SQL 2012 features overview

SQL Server 2012 adds new high availability and disaster recovery solutions for effective work with business – critical applications and Business Intelligence in cloud environment. The new solutions of SQL Server 2012 are include:

  • SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn – high availability and disaster recovery solution which deliver required level of uptime and data protection and helps to reduce planned and unplanned downtime.
  • ColumnStore – Index helps to achieve significantly boost query performance, by up to ~10x for star join and similar queries.
  • Rapid data exploration and visualization – users of all levels are able to access and manage data from virtually any source with Power View, create reports and analytical applications, collaborate and share insight with PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010.
  • Self-service Business Intelligence – helps to gain better monitoring and management capabilities through Power View and tabular modeling in Analysis Services.
  • SQL 2012 Server Data Tools – a new tool for database administrators and application developers, which unifies the deployment of SQL Server 2012 and Cloud SQL Azure.

Other reasons to choose SQL server 2012

The additional reasons for choosing SQL microsoft server 2012 are numerous. SQL 2012 Microsoft server delivers an ROI of up to 189% with a 1 year payback period, it delivers six nines (99.9%) uptime availability, it is the most secure of any of the major database platforms and reduces downtime by over 20% by migrating an SAP ERP environment to SQL Server 2012.

To get more information about SQl server 2012 with SharePoint 2010 please visit PlexHosted site.

SQL server 2012 with SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence

SharePoint 2010 Services, SharePoint 2010 Experts, SharePoint 2010 Hosting Providers

PlexHosted – SharePoint Experts
SharePoint 2010 Hosting Provider
SharePoint 2010 Services
SharePoint  2010 hosting provider
SharePoint 2010 Experts, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Services, PlexHosted – the best SharePoint 2010 Provider

Are you searching for a reliable and cost effective SharePoint 2010 Hosting Providers?

Please let me help you with this!
I hope you have brought a cup of tee and ready to start the reading? So, enjoy!

Choose the Best SharePoint 2010 Provider

How to pick a good SharePoint 2010 Hosting Provider?
A highly knowledgeable and reliable hosting provider is critical to optimizing yours, and your clients or employers, SharePoint 2010 experience. It saves time, money, and as much as 60% in capital expense over hosting yourself. So, I would like to suggest you the best hosted sharepoint 2010 services provider – PlexHosted company.

SharePoint 2010 Experts

How to make sure that you have chose a SharePoint 2010 hosting company with SharePoint 2010 experts?
Not all hosting companies can offer all hosting plans of SharePoint 2010. It`s good for them, but not good for you!
PlexHosted company offers a number of pre-packaged plans for SharePoint 2010 in a shared environment as well as custom plans for SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Standard or Enterprise dedicated sites all with flexible storage dimensions. PlexHosted team of SharePoint experts is well-known and of unquestioned expertise in the SharePoint 2010 Hosting industry. We are not just your run-of-the-mill SharePoint 2010 hosting provider:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced support engineers are available 24/7.
  • If you have questions, our SharePoint 2010 experts will more than likely have answers.
  • Faster response times; superior throughput; reliable cloud based service architecture.
  • Complete administrative control and white labeling for dedicated SharePoint 2010 service plans.
  • Price competitive – no hidden fees, no hidden limits.
  • PlexHosted SharePoint 2010 experts can absolutely free help you with the migration process or do it for you.
  • Free installation and configuration your dedicated SharePoint 2010 services.

With SharePoint 2010 services you can easily make your own business! PlexHosted reseller and partner programs can help you save your money or make good money, you know 😉

PlexHosted SharePoint 2010 Experts take care of your business!

Choose the Best SharePoint 2010 Provider

I have pointed you to the right direction and now please go ahead and you can easily choose the best of SharePoint 2010 providers.

If you are a company manager or IT professional who needs to control expenses? A developer or consultant who needs to increase revenues and profits? A small business professional who needs a safe and secure place to access documents anywhere, at anytime?

Please contact us! We look forward to helping you!
Call Us: (888) 939-753-PLEX(7539)
Contact Us

Please visit our Plexhosted SharePoint 2010 hosting site or feel free to contact us for any information, or to ask our SharePoint 2010 experts any SharePoint question.

SharePoint 2010 Services

Dedicated SharePoint 2010, Dedicated SharePoint Pricing, SharePoint Hosting Cloud

PlexHosted SharePoint Hosting
Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Hosting
Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Pricing

SharePoint 2010 Cloud Hosting

Dedicated SharePoint 2010

Dedicated SharePoint 2010, Dedicated SharePoint Pricing, SharePoint Hosting Cloud, Cloud SharePoint Services, SharePoint 2010 Cloud

Are you looking for the attractive SharePoint Hosting? Do you want hosted your SharePoint 2010 services in the Cloud environment? With PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint pricing you can easily do it and save a lot of your money!
Please let me tell you about PlexHosted cloud SharePoint 2010 Hosting.

Dedicated SharePoint 2010 at PlexHosted

Dedicated SharePoint 2010 from PlexHosted provides a higher level of collaboration capabilities to organizations. In a dedicated environment, organizations with more complex needs have the flexibility to deploy third-party web parts, implement server-side customizations that streamline work processes, and access all levels of site data, all with complete administrative control of your SharePoint site(s).

In addition, all PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint 2010 sites are hosted in a cloud environment, giving your organization the flexibility to change its site configuration(s) within minutes to meet ever changing business requirements.

So with the PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint 2010 you will get full access to the servers, e.g., root control, central administration, web parts, etc.
In addition I would like to tell you about one more absolutely free fish of the dedicated SharePoint 2010 hosting with PlexHosted 😉 It`s a free Password Manager web part!

PlexHosted User Password Administration

PlexHosted has deployed a comprehensive password administration web part free of charge for all dedicated SharePoint 2010 sites. Without compromising security and while maintaining password policies, administrators have the option of putting password administration back into the hands of users.

To get more details of this webpart please visit PlexHosted Password Manager web part page.

And what about the dedicated SharePoint 2010 pricing? Where you can find a reasonable SharePoint hosting with good pricing for the dedicated SharePoint 2010 services?

The answer for this question is very simple – you can find the flexible and reliable solution for your business at PlexHosted company!

Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Pricing

Dedicated SharePoint 2010 is available as three products to meet your organization’s unique needs; Foundation, Standard and Enterprise. PlexHosted can supply the associated Microsoft licenses, or you can supply your own.
Minimal  dedicated SharePoint 2010 price with PlexHosted company would be $380/month with 100GB drive for Database.
To get more prices of the dedicated SharePoint 2010 with PlexHosted company please visit our dedicated SharePoint pricing page.

PlexHosted SharePoint Hosting

So, I hope that you really convinced that you can easily using the attractive SharePoint 2010 Hosting for you company.

If you have some additional questions about the dedicated SharePoint 2010 hosting please visit PlexHosted company site at or call one of our SharePoint 2010 experts at 888.939.PLEX(7539) to find out more and sign-up today.

Call to the PlexHosted: (888) 939-7539

Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Hosting
Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Pricing

SharePoint 2010 FAQ, SharePoint 2010 with PlexHosted company

Learn more about Microsoft SharePoint 2010 with PlexHosted

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 FAQ

Q: What is the difference between the three PlexHosted
plans for SharePoint 2010?
A: The features for each SharePoint plan Foundation,
Standard Server and Enterprise Server, offer increasing capabilities.
You can find a complete description of SharePoint features by plan at
the following link

Q: Can I change a hosted SharePoint 2010 plan?
A: Yes, you can do it at any time.
Q: I`m using SharePoint 2007. How can I migrate my site to SharePoint
A: We help you with site set-up and full migration.
Q: Can I add unlimited number of users to my SharePoint 2010 site?
A: Yes. With SharePoint 2010 Foundation you pay only for the disk space.
So, you can add unlimited number of users to your SharePoint 2010
Q: Do you support SSL sites?
A: Yes. For more additional information please contact our sales department at

Q: Does hosted SharePoint Enterprise 2010 allow Anonymous access?
A: Such functionality is available in the SharePoint Enterprise 2010,
but requires additional licensing.
For more
additional information please contact our sales department at
Q: Can I have an access to the SharePoint Central Administration?
A: The access to the Central Administration is available only in
dedicated SharePoint 2010. To read more about dedicated SharePoint
2010 please visit
Q: Can I integrate my Exchange 2010 with my SharePoint 2010 site
A: Yes. You can add an OWA Web Part and see all your mails and OWA`s
options at your SharePoint site. For more details please see
following guide
Q: Can I to enable Anonymous access to a SharePoint 2010 site.
A: Go to the site you want to enable anonymous access. At the Site
Permissions enable Anonymous access. For more details please see
following guide
Q: Can I to upload multiple document to the SharePoint 2010 library/list?
A: Yes. Please using Microsoft Internet Explorer with Active X to do
this. See more details at the following guide
Q: Can I to add YouTube or such other external video to the SharePoint
2010 site without uploading it?
A: Yes. It`s possible. Please see more details at the following guide
Q: Can I to upload a video to the SharePoint 2010 site?
A: Yes. Note that it`s available only in the SharePoint Standard and
Enterprise plan.
Q: Can I using custom workflows at the SharePoint 2010 site?
A: Yes.

It`s just a little Microsoft SharePoint FAQ.
More questions and answers please see at the PlexHosted site
Thank you for your time!

PlexHosted Announces the Availability of Integrated Business Plans for Microsoft Exchange 2010, Lync 2010, and SharePoint 2010

PlexHosted Announces the Availability of Integrated Business Plans for Microsoft Exchange 2010, Lync 2010, and SharePoint 2010

PlexHosted is pleased to announce the availability of its suite of Integrated Business Plans for those customers who need the combined benefits offered by the integration of Microsoft Exchange 2010 email, Lync 2010 secure instant messaging, and SharePoint 2010 collaboration tools.

Our Standard Integrated Business Plan starts at just $12.95/user/month for integrated Exchange 2010 Standard, Lync 2010 Standard, and SharePoint Foundation with 1 GB of data storage (per organization). Professional and Enterprise business plans build upon the capabilities offered by our Standard business plan. No upfront investment or on-going maintenance and upgrade fees are required. We do NOT lock you into ANY “Service Contracts”! Please contact us today to sign up for our free 30 day “no cost what so ever” Integrated Business Plans trial.

Please visit us at or call one of our Microsoft communications experts at 888.939.7539 to find out more and sign-up today.

Or you can send a message to PlexHosted sales department to require your Integrated Business Plan.

How to send documents by email to the SharePoint 2010 site using SharePlus

Do you want be mobile? Do you want send documents to your SharePoint site anywhere? Send documents by mobile email to your SharePoint site is easy now!

Hello everybody!

Are you ok? I hope so!

In this post I like to tell you about iPhone, iPad, Android mobile client for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. I have used PlexHosted SharePoint site, my iPhone and mobile client SharePlus for the configuring incoming email.

Firstly you must be sure that your provider have enabled the feature “Incoming Email” to your SharePoint 2010 site (btw, PlexHosted Foundation and Enterprise sites have this feature enabled by default for all PlexHosted users! 😉 ).

Secondly – you must configure your Document Library or List to receive incoming email. It is very simple.

  • Go to the Library Settings (or List Settings) at the tab Library (or List).
  • Then click the link Incoming e-mail settings at the part Communications
  • Select Allow this list to receive e-mail, complete List`s email address and configure other setting.
Thirdly you must go to your iOS or Android device and check that you have configured email setting for your device. After that you can go to the SharePlus and choose your site collection (or add a new SharePoint 2010 Site). I have a letter icon in the right down corner in my iPhone . Click the letter icon and complete field To. You must enter there a List`s email, that was configured in your SharePoint 2010 site. Complete field Subject, enter message body and click Send.
You can see your post at the SharePoint 2010 site!
Be mobile! Good luck!

How to clear the Windows SharePoint 2010 Services configuration cache

There were many common issues that could occur in WSS v3 and MOSS that would require you to clear the configuration cache on your servers. While less common, these issues can still turn up occasionally on SharePoint Server 2010 (And Foundation). While the resolution for these issues might be the same, the steps are a bit different. The main thing to note is that the Configuration Cache is located in a different directory on Windows Server 2008 then it was in Windows Server 2003. The new path for the Configuration Cache under Windows Server 2008 is: %SystemDrive%ProgramDataMicrosoftSharePointConfig The overall steps remain largely the same:

  1. Stop the Timer service. To do this, follow these steps:
    • Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Services.
    • Right-click SharePoint 2010 Timer, and then click Stop.
    • Close the Services console.
  2. On the computer that is running Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and on which the Central Administration site is hosted, click Start, click Run, type explorer, and then press ENTER.
  3. In Windows Explorer, locate and then double-click the following folder:
  4. %SystemDrive%ProgramDataMicrosoftSharePointConfigGUID
  5. Notes
    • The %SystemDrive% system variable specifies the letter of the drive on which Windows is installed. By default, Windows is installed on drive C.
    • The GUID placeholder specifies the GUID folder. There may be more than one of these.
    • The ProgramData folder may be hidden. To view the hidden folder, follow these steps:
      • On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.
      • Click the View tab.
      • In the Advanced settings list, click Show hidden files and foldersunder Hidden files and folders, and then click OK.
      • You can also simply type this directly in the path if you do not want to show hidden files and folders.
  6. Back up the Cache.ini file. (Make a copy of it. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE, Only the XML files in the next step)
  7. Delete all the XML configuration files in the GUID folder (DO NOTE DELETE THE FOLDER). Do this so that you can verify that the GUID folders content is replaced by new XML configuration files when the cache is rebuilt.
    Note When you empty the configuration cache in the GUID folder, make sure that youdo NOT delete the GUID folder and the Cache.ini file that is located in the GUID folder.
  8. Double-click the Cache.ini file.
  9. On the Edit menu, click Select All.
  10. On the Edit menu, click Delete.
  11. Type 1, and then click Save on the File menu. (Basically when you are done, the only text in the config.ini file should be the number 1)
  12. On the File menu, click Exit.
  13. Start the Timer service. To do this, follow these steps:
    • Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Services.
    • Right-click SharePoint 2010 Timer, and then click Start.
    • Close the Services console.
  14. Note The file system cache is re-created after you perform this procedure. Make sure that you perform this procedure on all servers in the server farm.
  15. Make sure that the Cache.ini file in the GUID folder now contains its previous value. For example, make sure that the value of the Cache.ini file is not 1.
  16. Check in the GUID folder to make sure that the xml files are repopulating. This may take a bit of time.