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SharePoint Intranet, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint Portals

SharePoint Intranet
SharePoint Intranet
SharePoint Intranet, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint Portals
An Intranet is an internal company portal that can be used to make team work more productive, effortless, cost effective and competitive. It is an essential part of the organization’s infrastructure. A successful SharePoint intranet usually has high usability because company owners have full control over the environment and know exactly who the users are and how they actually use intranet. Investments in intranet improvements are crucial since the intranet usability and high user adoption helps improve business productivity and therefore increase overall company profits.

SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint is one of the most widely used application platforms for a company’s intranet portal. According to the Nielsen Norman Group`s research, 70% of successful intranets are built on SharePoint. Additionally, Nielsen Norman Group determines 10 best intranet portals every year and the best ones for 2013 are:

    • Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (Biotechnology, U.S.)
    • American International Group, Inc. (Insurance, U.S.)
    • AT&T (Telecommunications, U.S.)
    • Hager Group, (Manufacturing, Germany)
    • Luzerner Kantonalbank AG, (Financial company, Switzerland)
    • ONO (Telecommunications, Spain)
    • Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) (Government, Saudi Arabia)
    • Swiss Mobiliar Insurance & Pensions (Insurance, Switzerland)
    • WorkSafeBC (Government, Canada)
    • XL Group plc (Insurance, Ireland)
These companies are of different sizes and from different countries. These intranets are used for their entire organizations and have been designed to take into consideration specific company needs in their particular sphere of business.
To read about these companies please see the following page – 2013 Intranet Design Award Winners.

This research helps to specify the latest trends in the development of successful intranet portals. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Time for intranet design – the average time to create and design a portal is 3.5 years, but lately it has decreased to 2.3 years. The process of designing a company portal is not a simple task.
  • The size of an organization – it has become simpler for small companies to develop good company portals using modern technologies. The SharePoint platform provides a number of features for great intranet implementation with its social features, efficient MS Office integration, information search and filtering capabilities.
  • Intranet management team – nowadays it is important to involve more people in building a successful intranet site. It is impossible for a small team to design and manage an intranet portal that will completely satisfy the needs of all company employees and help improve collaboration and work productivity. The more people involved in the building process – the better the result will be for end users.
  • Consulting companies and developers – external consultants are usually involved in helping with SharePoint planning, development, design and branding. They serve to complete particular tasks in which your company`s team does not have enough expertise.
  • The authors of intranet content – it is important to consider the primary requirements of the employees when designing the intranet. The best way to ensure usability, high user adoption rates and relevant content inside the portal is to involve people from different offices and departments, the people who will use the site.
  • Feature and design development – the latest trend in intranets is to use such features as personalized pages, extended profiles, video channels and mega menus. The additional new features widely used are integration with social sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, and extended filters on site pages.
  • Out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities – the built-in SharePoint features allow improvements in search experience and make document management easier with Office integration.
  • Educating employees about social and enterprise features of the platform – intranet users need to know the main usage rules and it is a good idea to provide a short guideline for them. It is also important to establish communication between teams and motivate users for commenting, sharing and creating conversations.
  • Permissions – complex site permissions can be a nightmare for your intranet management team. Nowadays most of the companies tend to protect business critical files by using simple permission strategies to avoid the unnecessary complexity.
The practice of a great number of companies from all over the world shows that the SharePoint platform is a perfect tool for designing a company’s intranet portal. Taking into consideration the latest trends, advances from SharePoint consultants and experienced users, you can build a powerful portal for your team and achieve better results.
PlexHosted can provide you with a starting point for your successful intranet. From the planning stage, to SharePoint implementation and customization – this is something PlexHosted can help you with.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


SharePoint Intranet
PlexHosted SharePoint hosting

PlexHosted - SharePoint Intranet 2013
PlexHosted – SharePoint Intranet 2013

SharePoint Hosting. SharePoint 2013 Server Edition

SharePoint 2013 Server, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint 2013 Server Edition, SharePoint 2013, Hosted SharePoint Server

SharePoint 2013 Server
SharePoint 2013 Server
SharePoint 2013 Server, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint 2013 Server Edition
As you probably know, with SharePoint you have two options for installation: SharePoint 2013 Foundation (this option was described in my previous post SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition) and SharePoint 2013 Server. In this post I want to tell you about the SharePoint 2013 Server edition.

SharePoint 2013 Server Edition

SharePoint 2013 Server extends the features available in the SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition. SharePoint 2013 Server provides you with a higher level of functionality, see SharePoint 2013 features. The more important features are described in this post.

SharePoint 2013 Server Features

  • SharePoint Server Enterprise services. SharePoint enterprise services provide with the best way to quickly and easily create custom solutions with Microsoft Office 2013. It includes Info Path Services, Excel Services, Visio Services, Access Services and PerformancePoint Services. If you do not need these services but need services for social collaboration you can choose the SharePoint 2013 Standard plan that is cheaper than the SharePoint Enterprise plan (please keep in mind that these two plans are usually referred to as SharePoint Server edition).
  • SharePoint Server Advanced Search. The basic functionality is included to SharePoint Foundation 2013 and with SharePoint Server 2013 you can get a more flexible environment to make sure your users will find the information they need.
  • SharePoint Server Publishing. SharePoint 2013 Server supports web content creation as well as publishing it to the Internet.
  • SharePoint Server Social features. Social networking is everywhere now and it’s an expected capability for many platforms. In SharePoint 2013 Server it has been much improved. Social features like rating, tagging and others help users find the content that will work for them best. Communication is an essential option in the business world.

As we can see SharePoint 2013 Server includes the more advanced features that can be very useful for company’s business. It can accelerate the adoption of content management and business intelligence across intranet portals and Internet web-sites.
SharePoint 2013 Server is ideal for mid-sized companies looking to improve their employees’ ability to work with each other in more effective ways than offered by SharePoint Foundation.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


SharePoint Server 2013. SharePoint Enterprise
SharePoint Server 2013. SharePoint Standard

PlexHosted - SharePoint 2013 Server (SharePoint 2013 Standard and SharePoint 2013 Enterprise)
PlexHosted – SharePoint 2013 Server (SharePoint 2013 Standard and SharePoint 2013 Enterprise)

SharePoint Hosting. SharePoint 2013 Foundation Edition

SharePoint 2013 Foundation, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint 2013 Foundation Edition, SharePoint 2013, Hosted SharePoint Foundation

SharePoint 2013 Foundation
SharePoint Foundation
SharePoint 2013 Foundation, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint 2013 Foundation Edition
As you probably know, with SharePoint you have two options for installation: SharePoint 2013 Foundation and SharePoint 2013 Server. In this post I want to tell about the SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition.

SharePoint 2013 Foundation Edition

SharePoint 2013 Foundation provides you with the basic SharePoint collaboration features which are fundamental and required to build collaboration and communication sites for your company. With SharePoint 2013 Foundation you can move all documents from a stored version to the Internet and improve document management. It’s interesting, isn’t it? If so, you can learn about the major features of SharePoint Foundation platform at this post.

SharePoint 2013 Foundation Features

  • SharePoint Foundation Collaboration. SharePoint Foundation sites offer access to information located in one place. Your company’s employees can share information regardless of their location by using a user-friendly interface. SharePoint Foundation libraries are the best place for documents rather than standard file sharing solutions.
  • SharePoint Foundation Security. With role-based security settings you can be sure that important information is secure and available only for people with permission to use it.
  • SharePoint Foundation Development. You can use a lot of SharePoint Foundation default templates to get the functionality you need. There are templates for creating wikis, blogs and other social sites available with SharePoint Foundation.
  • SharePoint Foundation Using. Since SharePoint Foundation provides integration with Microsoft Office. Employees can use MS Word and other Office products to create and manage documents. As such they will work in a familiar environment and make it easy to adopt the SharePoint environment.
  • SharePoint Foundation Customization. By extending and customizing SharePoint Foundation you can create branded collaborative SharePoint sites to meet your company’s needs.

In short, SharePoint Foundation represents the basic content storage and collaboration features of SharePoint. With PlexHosted SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition you can get a SharePoint Foundation site in a few minutes, save time on implementation, and save money since the price are greatly reduced.
SharePoint 2013 Foundation is ideal for small companies looking to improve their employees’ ability to work with each other in a secure, easy-to-use platform for collaboration.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


SharePoint Foundation 2013
Multi-tenant SharePoint Foundation 2013

PlexHosted - SharePoint 2013 Foundation hosting
PlexHosted – SharePoint 2013 Foundation hosting

SharePoint hosting 2013. Dedicated SharePoint Hosting 2013 – a no-code solution for business

Dedicated SharePoint Hosting 2013, No-code SharePoint solution, SharePoint solution for business, SharePoint hosting 2013

dedicated sharepoint hosting 2013
Dedicated SharePoint 2013
Dedicated SharePoint Hosting 2013, No-code SharePoint solution, SharePoint solution for business, SharePoint hosting 2013, SharePoint for business, SharePoint platform 2013
Do you want to use a no-code business solution that will save the money normally spent on developing custom code? It’s available right now! The pre-packed features already available in a SharePoint platform have a number of great no-code business solutions that will benefit your company. All you need to know to start working with SharePoint is how best to install, manage, and use SharePoint platform.
If you are not an IT guy, haven`t previously managed servers, or have never participated in the SharePoint installation process, I would recommend that you take a look at SharePoint hosting providers. At PlexHosted you can get a ready-to-go SharePoint environment in a couple of hours, not days!

Understanding dedicated SharePoint Hosting

As you know a dedicated SharePoint hosting solution is more expensive than multi-tenant SharePoint hosting. So there is a question: “Why would we need dedicated SharePoint hosting?” To answer this question we need to understand one important thing – the purpose of using SharePoint and SharePoint features.

The power of SharePoint as a no-code business solution allows companies to customize their SharePoint site by adding on pre-packaged third-party solutions to fit the company’s specific needs. SharePoint dedicated hosting allows you to build specific sites and provide your users with those specific features for data sharing and collaboration. As a result, SharePoint sites or SharePoint portals can be customized specifically for your company.

Dedicated SharePoint hosting benefits

Below you can find a few of the answers to your question “Why would we need dedicated SharePoint hosting?”

  • The end-user could have a simple SharePoint 2013 site that is easy-to-access and easy-to-use. This site will help them find and to do their tasks best.
  • A company’s employees can get access to urgent or important information from everywhere via the Internet regardless of their location.
  • For workers who want to work with daily tasks from a single place, their requirements can be met with SharePoint. This eliminates spreading information across multiple sites and applications.
  • SharePoint customization on dedicated servers make SharePoint sites more intuitive and easy to use for everyone in your company.
  • PlexHosted offers dedicated SharePoint servers that can be configured to meet all company requirements, so the server’s resources can grow as the company grows.
  • With a dedicated SharePoint environment, you can integrate SharePoint 2013 with other systems or social sites.

Considering the information you have read about SharePoint, the primary reason to invest in dedicated SharePoint hosting 2013 is your company can build, configure and manage its own SharePoint environment without developing a custom code solution. A dedicated SharePoint environment provides full control where custom solutions are deployed.

Start with the PlexHosted dedicated SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


Dedicated SharePoint Hosting 2013
Dedicated SharePoint features comparison

dedicated sharepoint hosting 2013
Dedicated SharePoint Hosting 2013 – a no-code solution for business

How to use SharePoint 2013. Why does your company need SharePoint hosting 2013?

How to use SharePoint 2013, PlexHosted SharePoint hosting, Hosted SharePoint 2013, Why does your company need SharePoint 2013?

SharePoint Hosting 2013
SharePoint Hosting 2013
SharePoint 2013 using, PlexHosted SharePoint hosting, SharePoint 2013 in your company
Why do we need SharePoint hosting? How we can use SharePoint 2013 in our company to solve business problems? What problems could be resolved by using a SharePoint platform? Numerous articles, blog posts, and the popularity of queries over the Internet show the importance of these questions for many successful companies. Let’s try to bring light on some of these questions in this blog post.

SharePoint hosting 2013. How can we use SharePoint 2013 for business.

Every company or organization have staff who usually work with a number of business documents using office applications as well as communicate with other departments. And usually they run into a variety of difficulties such as:

  • Documents could be lost or confidentiality could be compromised.
  • Employees spend a lot of time on search and sorting papers. There is wasted time and money on making duplicate copies.
  • The document approval process needs to be managed properly.
  • Normally employees collaborate and communicate with each other and other departments to request the necessary documents by walking from office to office across the building, or search numerous email messages.

All these problems can be described by a famous quote of Robert Townsend “All organizations are at least 50 percent waste – waste people, waste effort, waste space, and waste time”.

Taking a look at the difficulties in the work described above, I would answer that a solution is to use a unified system which will store all the necessary content and documents in a single source, organize the work for all your departments, and provide mobility. SharePoint 2013 certainly is such unified system with a lot of benefits.

Benefits of SharePoint hosting services:

  • SharePoint site – control the flow of documents in your company, keep them in a single SharePoint storage place, and eliminate the duplication of documents;
  • SharePoint search – insure security and easy retrieval of documents after single sign in;
  • SharePoint approval process – simplify the process of document approval; get the opportunity for managers to approve documents regardless of the time of day and geographic location.

Benefits of SharePoint hosting services for team work:

  • SharePoint project management – create a separate project area for each new project where the project team will be able to store all project materials;
  • SharePoint permissions – define the permissions of users, so only members of the project team can view information about the project and therefore insure project security;
  • SharePoint discussions – place a SharePoint Discussion Board on the project’s main page where team members will be able to discuss problems, solutions and new ideas in one visible place.

Benefits of SharePoint hosting services in business process automation:

  • detailed and understandable business process plan for employees;
  • transparency of business processes: the employee team can determine all steps of the business processes and how they are engaged in their creation;
  • more efficient use of time;
  • monitor project goals on the basis of reports;
  • business processes analytics can provide SharePoint reports to determine when projects are put on hold, document the issues, and aid in addressing the associated road blocks.

As you can see the SharePoint hosting service could make your life easier and improve your company’s business. Using SharePoint 2013 social features you can easily create forums and communities based on your employees’ job roles. I`m sure that your employees are not IT guys, but they are familiar with Microsoft office software. As such you should keep in mind that the great SharePoint 2013 advantage is integration with Microsoft office applications and its simplicity.

SharePoint hosting service will help you reduce operating costs and move to a new level of collaboration by sharing documents. Using SharePoint 2013 improves efficiency of workflows and employee performance. Do not waste time on tasks that can be done faster and more efficiently by using SharePoint 2013. “If you don’t do it excellently, don’t do it at all. Because if it’s not excellent, it won’t be profitable or fun, and if you’re not in business for fun or profit, what the hell are you doing there?” (Robert Townsend).

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


SharePoint hosting 2013
Dedicated SharePoint hosting 2013

SharePoint Hosting 2013
SharePoint Hosting 2013. Use SharePoint Hosting services.

SharePoint Hosting 2013. Considerations when choosing a SharePoint Hosting 2013 Provider

SharePoint Hosting 2013, Choosing a SharePoint Hosting Provider, SharePoint Hosting, Qualified SharePoint Hosting 2013 provider

SharePoint Hosting 2013 providers
SharePoint Hosting 2013
Hosted SharePoint 2013, Choosing a SharePoint Hosting Provider, SharePoint Hosting 2013, Qualified SharePoint Hosting 2013 provider
Are you looking for a trustworthy and cost effective SharePoint Hosting 2013 Provider? Do you want a SharePoint site that does not lose your business data? Please read the following SharePoint hosting provider overview and so you can choose the best SharePoint hosting provider.

Considerations when choosing a SharePoint Hosting Provider

How to choose a qualified SharePoint Hosting provider?

Company owners and other decision makers can choose among several alternative SharePoint services that will be best for their company and provide the best return on investment. Here’s what to consider when choosing SharePoint for your business:

  • SharePoint Edition – First of all, you need to select the SharePoint version (2010 or 2013) you need and what feature edition, Foundation, Standard or Enterprise, has the most relevant features for you. Take a look at PlexHosted’s feature comparison page and see what features are best for your company and employees. This will help to determine what SharePoint edition works best for you.
  • SharePoint Storage and Users – How much storage is required for your site and how many users will be using it? Determine how many employees will need access to your site, and for what purposes it will used. This will help you to decide whether you need 500 Mb for simple document repository, or several GB for pictures, videos, forms, records, databases, and workbooks. Note that for a large storage requirement (from 100 GB) it may be more convenient and cost effective to setup a dedicated server. In addition PlexHosted has no user limits, so you can have 1, 2 or any other number of SharePoint users with the ability to increase/decrease the number of users and/or amount of storage at any time.
  • SharePoint Internet or Intranet site – Will you need to open your site to the public by enabling Anonymous access? The license for this feature is costly for Standard and Enterprise editions, so you should pay attention to this requirement. When choosing the proper SharePoint edition, SharePoint feature set and anonymous access are important to think about.

So now you know three main options that will assist you in choosing the best SharePoint hosting provider. Not all SharePoint hosting providers offer all SharePoint hosting plans with all the necessary features. It might be good for them, but will probably not work for you. PlexHosted offers four different SharePoint hosting plans: Foundation, Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise with PowerPivot which should meet your requirements. PlexHosted also offers multi-tenant hosting as well as dedicated servers for SharePoint hosting.

How to make sure you have chosen the best SharePoint hosting company with SharePoint experts?

The following guidelines will help you make sure you are working with SharePoint experts.

  • SharePoint support should be available 24/7/365 to help you resolve any issues or clarify configuration options.
  • 99.99% availability for SharePoint servers.
  • No hidden fees for SharePoint hosting services and support, and no hidden SharePoint limits.
  • Free SharePoint installation and configuration, free migration from other SharePoint hosting providers.

After answering these questions and putting together the necessary information, you will know what is needed for your business and find a perfect solution for you. But, if you still have questions, you are always free to ask PlexHosted’s SharePoint experts for their help. Since PlexHosted meets all these requirements you can be assured that you will be working with SharePoint experts.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


Hosted SharePoint 2013
SharePoint Hosting Provider

SharePoint Hosting 2013 Providers
SharePoint Hosting 2013 Providers