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SharePoint 2013 Foundation
SharePoint Foundation
SharePoint 2013 Foundation, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint 2013 Foundation Edition
As you probably know, with SharePoint you have two options for installation: SharePoint 2013 Foundation and SharePoint 2013 Server. In this post I want to tell about the SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition.

SharePoint 2013 Foundation Edition

SharePoint 2013 Foundation provides you with the basic SharePoint collaboration features which are fundamental and required to build collaboration and communication sites for your company. With SharePoint 2013 Foundation you can move all documents from a stored version to the Internet and improve document management. It’s interesting, isn’t it? If so, you can learn about the major features of SharePoint Foundation platform at this post.

SharePoint 2013 Foundation Features

  • SharePoint Foundation Collaboration. SharePoint Foundation sites offer access to information located in one place. Your company’s employees can share information regardless of their location by using a user-friendly interface. SharePoint Foundation libraries are the best place for documents rather than standard file sharing solutions.
  • SharePoint Foundation Security. With role-based security settings you can be sure that important information is secure and available only for people with permission to use it.
  • SharePoint Foundation Development. You can use a lot of SharePoint Foundation default templates to get the functionality you need. There are templates for creating wikis, blogs and other social sites available with SharePoint Foundation.
  • SharePoint Foundation Using. Since SharePoint Foundation provides integration with Microsoft Office. Employees can use MS Word and other Office products to create and manage documents. As such they will work in a familiar environment and make it easy to adopt the SharePoint environment.
  • SharePoint Foundation Customization. By extending and customizing SharePoint Foundation you can create branded collaborative SharePoint sites to meet your company’s needs.

In short, SharePoint Foundation represents the basic content storage and collaboration features of SharePoint. With PlexHosted SharePoint 2013 Foundation edition you can get a SharePoint Foundation site in a few minutes, save time on implementation, and save money since the price are greatly reduced.
SharePoint 2013 Foundation is ideal for small companies looking to improve their employees’ ability to work with each other in a secure, easy-to-use platform for collaboration.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


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