SharePoint 2010 Designer Environment, Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Customization, Full Access SharePoint 2010, Full Web Application Accessibility

SharePoint 2010 Designer Environment, Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Customization, Full Web Application Accessibility, SharePoint 2010 Development, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Advantages

SharePoint 2010 Designer Environment
SharePoint 2010 Designer Environment
SharePoint 2010 Designer Environment, Dedicated SharePoint 2010 Customization, Full Web Application Accessibility, SharePoint 2010 Development, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Advantages

Greetings, everyone!
Today I would like to tell you about the difference between the SharePoint 2010 Multi-Tenant hosting mode and SharePoint 2010 dedicated hosting mode. I`ll try to describe main SharePoint 2010 benefits and features and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 advantages.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Advantages

Most of successful companies already had a chance to make sure that Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is advanced and successfully tool for effective collaboration, increasing productivity, saving money and time. Additionally SharePoint 2010 is the best hosting solution for develop and designer environments. Many large and familiar companies have already enjoy a lot of SharePoint 2010 benefits and features. Please note that you can easily get Dedicated SharePoint 2010 or Multi-Tenant SharePoint 2010 with PlexHosted and make a cool SharePoint 2010 site customization right now! To get more details please visit SharePoint 2010 designer environment overview page.

Full access SharePoint 2010 site collection level

Some companies or private persons choose SharePoint 2010 hosting in multi-tenant environment, when the full access to SharePoint 2010 servers and the full sharepoint 2010 control aint required for them. You need to know that with hosted multi-tenant SharePoint 2010 the amount of space comes to 100 GB! Additionally you would be provide with storage for Sandbox Solutions and can to make a bit of customization on your SharePoint site. But please keep in mind that hosted SharePoint 2010 has some limitations and not always is a solution for all your company requirements because you can get only full access SharePoint 2010 site collection level – it`s mean that you will be the SharePoint 2010 site collection owner, but you can`t get access to the Central Administration Web App and can`t get full web application accessibility as well.

Full Web Application accessibility

Most of the companies have considered a dedicated SharePoint 2010 as the best solution for their business, a solution that can meet all their specific business requirements. Dedicated SharePoint 2010 is compliant and there are a lot of advantages and features which are not available with tenant environment. Shortly, you can get full webapps access, full sharepoint 2010 control and central administration access sharepoint 2010, additionally you can use your own server as data storage.
Please let me tell you about the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 advantages with dedicated environment. I hope it helps you to make a consider between tenant and dedicated SharePoint servers.

SharePoint 2010 benefits and features

Full SharePoint 2010 control

Full Administrative Control – you can have a full control of your SharePoint 2010 farm, have access to Central Administration and can login to the SharePoint 2010 server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). With full web application accessibility and Central Administration (CA) access in SharePoint 2010 you will be able to manage your SharePoint 2010 farm, create new service and web applications, activate necessary features, administer and monitor the farm.
With full CA access in SharePoint 2010 you can use such features of Microsoft SharePoint 2010:

  • Developer Dashboard – you can enable it on SharePoint 2010 page for monitoring and providing diagnostic information.
  • SharePoint 2010 Timer Jobs – enables you to administer and monitor timer jobs that run periodically on SharePoint 2010 farm.
  • SharePoint Configuration Wizard – use the guides and configure pieces of functionality on your dedicated SharePoint 2010 server.
  • Improved Backup and Restore – allows configuration only backups, improved scale, performance and resiliency.
  • Large List Scalability and Management – gives you the ability to use of resource throttling for large lists which helps to control the server performance impact on them and educates you how to manage them effectively.
  • Managed Accounts – SharePoint takes control on user’s accounts. It can automatically reset passwords due to domain policies, notify administrators about expiration of passwords and sort the account information. With PlexHosted you can get User Password Management Webpart for FREE and allow your SharePoint 2010 users to change their password directly at the site!
  • Multi-Lingual UI – you can install a language pack to the server and appreciate the ability to choose the language of UI, configure lists to support multiple languages and submit the translations of the content. It`s convenient feature which may help to increase company’s success and lead it to the international level.
  • Patch Management – use tools and resources to apply updates and packs more predictably. Update your SharePoint at any applicable time for you.
  • Quota Templates – you can easily control the amount of storage used by SharePoint site collections and user code solutions.
  • Service Application Platform – you can decide which services you will provide and manage your services at the SharePoint 2010 farm.

SharePoint 2010 designer environment

Create a custom code and deploy its to the SharePoint 2010 farm – you can add any farm web part you need to your SharePoint 2010 sites. This option enables you to customize your SharePoint 2010 according to all your needs and requirements. Develop, design, adapt business solutions and applications using familiar tools – Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Designer.

Dedicated and hosted SharePoint 2010 Standard Plans

So, as you can see, dedicated SharePoint 2010 is the best solution for IT professionals and developers. Choose it and feel free to do whatever you want and install whatever you need and when you need on your server and get all the benefits from such powerful portal for collaboration, project tracking and content management.

PlexHosted are experts at setting up hosted SharePoint 2010 sites for its customers. Let me show you why.
Please visit our dedicated SharePoint 2010 overview or feel free to contact us for any information, or to ask a SharePoint 2010 question. Additionally please keep in mind that PlexHosted provide a hosted SharePoint 2010 plans.