Hosted SharePoint 2013 Licensing, SharePoint 2013 Hosting

Hosted SharePoint 2013 Licensing, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint Licensing, SharePoint 2013 Hosting

SharePoint 2013 Licensing
SharePoint 2013 Licensing
Hosted SharePoint 2013 Licensing, SharePoint 2013 Hosting, SharePoint Licensing, SharePoint Hosting, PlexHosted SharePoint 2013 Hosting plans
Hello readers,
Need to learn about SharePoint licensing for a new project? Want to know how to pay the minimum price for the best SharePoint hosting? You are at the right place. In today’s post I`ll tell you about SharePoint hosting plans and SharePoint 2013 licensing.

SharePoint 2013 hosting plans

There are different SharePoint hosting environments, dedicated and multi-tenant and three SharePoint editions. All this can confuse end users which have not worked with SharePoint before. At first look, SharePoint licensing seems difficult to understand. But if we take a look at it more deeply you will learn that SharePoint licensing is pretty easy to understand.

SharePoint 2013 CALs Licensing

PlexHosted offers SharePoint in three editions: Foundation, Standard, and Enterprise. The main difference between editions is in the various SharePoint features (see SharePoint Features Comparison) and pricing for the Client Access Licenses (CALs). SharePoint Enterprise edition offers an additional capability for Business Intelligence (PowerPivot Workbooks Hosting). In general, all SharePoint sites are licensed using a CAL model – CALs are required for each user accessing a SharePoint site. Let’s take a look at SharePoint 2013 hosting plans offered by PlexHosted.

  • SharePoint 2013 Foundation CALs – you can have an unlimited number of users without paying for CALs, so you pay only for the SharePoint site storage. More details are at PlexHosted SharePoint 2013 Foundation
  • SharePoint 2013 Standard CALs – deliver the core capabilities of SharePoint: sites, communities, content, people and expertise search. More details are at PlexHosted SharePoint 2013 Standard
  • SharePoint 2013 Enterprise CALs – deliver the full capabilities of SharePoint: sites, communities, content, people, video and expertise search, and include business solutions (Access, Excel, PerformancePoint, Visio and InfoPath services). More details are at PlexHosted SharePoint 2013 Enterprise
  • SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence CALs – deliver the full capabilities of SharePoint and includes Business Intelligence features: Power View, PowerPivot Hosting. More details are at PlexHosted SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence

The other point to keep in mind is the pricing for SharePoint CALs is the same for multi-tenant and dedicated environments.

SharePoint Hosting Environment Licensing

  • Multi-tenant SharePoint Hosting Environment – With multi-tenant SharePoint hosting you get access to the SharePoint site collection level without having to pay separately for SharePoint/SQL licenses and servers. It`s really great to have a SharePoint site and pay only for the site size and CALs
  • Dedicated SharePoint Hosting Environment – With dedicated SharePoint hosting you get root access to all servers in your SharePoint farm as well as complete access to SharePoint Central Administration. In this case the price for dedicated hosting includes all the necessary licenses and pricing for CALs (for the specified number of users), servers, and SharePoint/SQL licenses. Alternatively you can supply your own Microsoft licenses under Microsoft’s License Mobility plan

As I promised SharePoint 2013 licensing is pretty easy to understanding. So, now you know the difference between all SharePoint editions and environments. Hope my post is helpful and can help you to make a right choice in SharePoint 2013 hosting.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


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SharePoint Hosting Licenses
SharePoint Hosting Licenses