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PlexHosted – HARMON.IE overview
Best iPad clients for SharePoint
Best iPhone clients for SharePoint
HARMON.IE mobile client for SharePoint 2010 access
harmon.ie mobile client
SharePoint 2010 with HARMON.IE
Best iPad clients for SharePoint 2010, HARMON.IE for Mobile, HARMON.IE overview, Best iPhone clients for SharePoint 2010, HARMON.IE mobile client for SharePoint 2010 access

Hi, I`m really glad to see you!
A few days ago I have checked the great iPad/iPhone mobile client for access to the SharePoint 2010 data – harmon.ie. It`s very useful and really cool application for your mobile device!
So, I would love to tell you about the best iPad/iPhone client for SharePoint 2010 – harmon.ie.

HARMON.IE overview

HARMON.IE – your SharePoint 2010 data in your hands!

  • Access and navigate SharePoint sites directly from your iPad and iPhone
  • Get real-time updates on colleagues and documents activity on iOS devices
  • Share information with colleagues from the road by using iPad/iPhone
  • Reach out to the last document contributor with one click

HARMON.IE main features

With HARMON.IE you can easily get access and navigate SharePoint 2010 sites directly from your mobile device. Anytime, anywhere! Access important information and share it with colleagues on the road. No more need to call or email to check on project progress. It`s impressive, isn`t it?

Additionally you can get real-time updates as colleagues edit important documents such as proposals and contracts. Reach out to the last document contributor with one click. No more need to call or email to check on project progress.

HARMON.IE versions

HARMON.IE provide three versions of the mobile client.
There are: Lite (FREE version), Premium Edition ($19.99) and Enterprise Edition that would be available at Q2, 2012.

HARMON.IE SharePoint 2010 usability

So I have downloaded the Lite version of HARMON.IE from AppStore(Apple) and tested it. Please see some screens below.

This is the main screen. You can see it at the starting HARMON.IE mobile client

harmonie mobile client

If you haven`t a SharePoint site yet, you can test all features at the HARMON.IE test site. I think, it`s great option!

harmon.ie test site

You can see your SharePoint 2010 site structure and browse libraries, lists and files via HARMON.IE mobile client.

harmon.ie browse documents

You can really easy get real-time SharePoint 2010 site updates as colleagues edit important documents such as proposals and contracts. Reach out to the last document contributor with one click. No more need to call or email to check on project progress.

harmon.ie SharePoint site updates

People search is working at HARMON.IE like a charm as well!

harmon.ie SharePoint people search

Another useful feature is browsing history at the HARMON.IE mobile client. You can go to the last SharePoint library or document without need to remember the location of them.

harmon.ie history

If you want to get more details about the best client for iPad/iPhone you can follow harmon.ie web site.

If you haven`t SharePoint 2010 account you can hosted it with PlexHosted. Please see about SharePoint at the PlexHosted SharePoint 2010 overview page.

Best iPad clients for SharePoint 2010. Part2. Setting Up SharePlus for the iPad

Best iPad clients for SharePoint 2010

SharePlus, your SharePoint data in your hands.

Collaborate with your team, sharing documents, calendars and tasks lists right from the meeting room, a taxi, or when out visiting a client. Browse documents, discussions, announcements, InfoPath forms, reports, wiki pages, custom lists and external list.

SharePlus will work with your current SharePoint credentials, so you won’t have to ask for special permissions to use it. SharePlus doesn’t also require any server side components.

SharePlus is available at three plans: Lite, Pro and Enterprise.

The SharePlus Lite Sharepoint Mobile Solution provides read-only access to SharePoint sites. It enables site, subsite, list, and list item navigation. Supports server side view definitions, and content types. Send documents to third party applications.
Connect to SharePoint
Connect to Microsoft SharePoint server 2010 using any of the following authentication methods: Windows Based, Forms Based. HTTPS SSL and client certificates are supported as well, as Microsoft ISA Server, and Microsoft Forefront Authentication.
Read documents
 Open office documents and PDF files, in an easy to use, scrollable view to read them. Send them to third party apps with the Open In file sharing feature, to edit them. Bear in mind that to save them back to a SharePoint list you will need to upgrade to SharePlus Pro.
Navigate Sites & Lists
 Navigate the structure of sites, subsites, lists, and lists items of a SharePoint server with the user experience of a native app. Browse list items metadata and search within lists.
Sort & Group Items
 Customize the way your data is displayed either by using the server side List View definitions, or by sorting and grouping them in SharePlus, with an easy to use, drag n drop user interface.

SharePlus Pro
Everything the Lite version does, plus read/write support allowing you to add and modify list items, receive documents from third party apps and update them to SharePoint lists. Automatically synchronize entire lists and folders for offline viewing and editing. Enhanced security with app level passcode lock support, and encryption of all cached data with data protection.
Content Management
 Add, edit, and remove list items such as Calendar, Tasks, Pictures, Contacts, Discussion Boards, Blogs, Custom and External Lists.
Automatic Synchronization & Offline support
 Turn on offline support for entire lists, enabling a silent process which automatically stores locally all the lists data, enabling offline access, and even edit support, allowing you to take your SharePoint assets with you no matter what the connectivity is like, ensuring fast access to your data when you most need it.
 Enable passcode lock at the application level providing an additional level of security to your data, which could make the difference in case of theft or loss of your device. Additionally all the data stored locally is encrypted using Apple’s Data Protection guidelines.
Local Files Management
Manage your local files, renaming, removing and grouping contents in folders, zipping and unzipping files.
Document Management
 Edit documents in third party apps, such as Documents To Go, and save them back to SharePlus to update them in SharePoint’s document libraries. Leverage SharePoint’s Check In/Check Out support, as well as Document Approve/Reject features when collaborating on the creation of documents with team members.
Media Recording
 Capture audio and video records with your iPhone or iPad2 and upload them straight to your SharePoint list of choice, allowing powerful multimedia data entry scenarios.
Wifi Sharing
Enable team members to access your device’s data by sharing your SharePlus’s Local Files folder with a web access, making them available to anyone in the network with a web browser.

SharePlus Enterprise
While the Pro version is targeted to the individual, SharePlus Enterprise is meant for in house deployment across companies. It includes rebranding, configuration broadcast to manage uniform connection access settings across workgroups, plus custom on demand features to accommodate the needs and requirements of small to large organizations.
Custom features
 If there’s an additional feature you need to make the most of SharePlus in your organization, SharePlus Enterprise is the right context to request it.
Have your brand, icon and aesthetics displayed in your Enterprise version of SharePlus, this is specially valuable in customer facing scenarios of usage, such as mobile workforces.
Additional Security
 Multi factor authentication and remote swipe are some of the security features usually implemented in the context of SharePlus Enterprise engagements.
Premium support
In a nutshell when one of our Enterprise customers raises an issue, we drop everything to respond to it.
In House Deployment
 Implement your own Enterprise App Store, deciding what get’s approved and what not, releasing updates when you need them, leveraging your mobile workforce. SharePlus Enterprise licenses are distributed in house relying on mobile device managers platforms, such as AirWatch, MobileIron, Sybase Afaria.
Configuration broadcast
Execs rarely like to configure app settings such as SharePoint connections configurations, and offline support. That’s why we provide the ability to have this done once by the IT team, and then pushed to the corresponding devices.
Feature Trimming
Some of SharePlus Pro features may not get along with corporate policies, such as emailing documents from within the app. SharePlus Enterprise allows for feature trimming.

Best iPad clients for SharePoint 2010. Part1. Setting Up Moprise for the iPad

Best iPad clients for SharePoint 2010 overview.

I like to tell you about best iPad clients for SharePoint 2010. Moprise is one of the best iPad clients. You can easily get access to SharePoint 2010 documents.
Moprise is an iOS SharePoint client. The free version allows users to view SharePoint documents, but not edit them. Free version limited to 2 SharePoint sites. The paid version, which costs $14.99 per user, provides more features such as uploading new documents, and Quickoffice integration for editing and you can use it for unlimited SharePoint Sites. Moprise also offers customized installations. Enterprise version is include custom branding, configuration for in-house app store deployment and 1 year premium support.

Many of you are familiar with Moprise for the iPad. Moprise is SharePoint viewer that allows you to access, pull, and email documents to create a magical iPad experience that is easy for users and requires no training. Moprise also saves you time by only requesting your SharePoint log in credentials once. Moprise is also secure.

To set up Moprise please see steps at the getting started video!

What is your SharePoint URL? Where do you get it? How do you pull documents to work on them? What programs can you pull documents into? This video will walk you through, and give you a preview of what you’ll see in Moprise if you haven’t downloaded it yet.

Good luck!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwMTnyoZZWg&w=560&h=315]