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PlexHosted – HARMON.IE overview
Best iPad clients for SharePoint
Best iPhone clients for SharePoint
HARMON.IE mobile client for SharePoint 2010 access
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SharePoint 2010 with HARMON.IE
Best iPad clients for SharePoint 2010, HARMON.IE for Mobile, HARMON.IE overview, Best iPhone clients for SharePoint 2010, HARMON.IE mobile client for SharePoint 2010 access

Hi, I`m really glad to see you!
A few days ago I have checked the great iPad/iPhone mobile client for access to the SharePoint 2010 data – harmon.ie. It`s very useful and really cool application for your mobile device!
So, I would love to tell you about the best iPad/iPhone client for SharePoint 2010 – harmon.ie.

HARMON.IE overview

HARMON.IE – your SharePoint 2010 data in your hands!

  • Access and navigate SharePoint sites directly from your iPad and iPhone
  • Get real-time updates on colleagues and documents activity on iOS devices
  • Share information with colleagues from the road by using iPad/iPhone
  • Reach out to the last document contributor with one click

HARMON.IE main features

With HARMON.IE you can easily get access and navigate SharePoint 2010 sites directly from your mobile device. Anytime, anywhere! Access important information and share it with colleagues on the road. No more need to call or email to check on project progress. It`s impressive, isn`t it?

Additionally you can get real-time updates as colleagues edit important documents such as proposals and contracts. Reach out to the last document contributor with one click. No more need to call or email to check on project progress.

HARMON.IE versions

HARMON.IE provide three versions of the mobile client.
There are: Lite (FREE version), Premium Edition ($19.99) and Enterprise Edition that would be available at Q2, 2012.

HARMON.IE SharePoint 2010 usability

So I have downloaded the Lite version of HARMON.IE from AppStore(Apple) and tested it. Please see some screens below.

This is the main screen. You can see it at the starting HARMON.IE mobile client

harmonie mobile client

If you haven`t a SharePoint site yet, you can test all features at the HARMON.IE test site. I think, it`s great option!

harmon.ie test site

You can see your SharePoint 2010 site structure and browse libraries, lists and files via HARMON.IE mobile client.

harmon.ie browse documents

You can really easy get real-time SharePoint 2010 site updates as colleagues edit important documents such as proposals and contracts. Reach out to the last document contributor with one click. No more need to call or email to check on project progress.

harmon.ie SharePoint site updates

People search is working at HARMON.IE like a charm as well!

harmon.ie SharePoint people search

Another useful feature is browsing history at the HARMON.IE mobile client. You can go to the last SharePoint library or document without need to remember the location of them.

harmon.ie history

If you want to get more details about the best client for iPad/iPhone you can follow harmon.ie web site.

If you haven`t SharePoint 2010 account you can hosted it with PlexHosted. Please see about SharePoint at the PlexHosted SharePoint 2010 overview page.

How to send documents by email to the SharePoint 2010 site using SharePlus

Do you want be mobile? Do you want send documents to your SharePoint site anywhere? Send documents by mobile email to your SharePoint site is easy now!

Hello everybody!

Are you ok? I hope so!

In this post I like to tell you about iPhone, iPad, Android mobile client for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. I have used PlexHosted SharePoint site, my iPhone and mobile client SharePlus for the configuring incoming email.

Firstly you must be sure that your provider have enabled the feature “Incoming Email” to your SharePoint 2010 site (btw, PlexHosted Foundation and Enterprise sites have this feature enabled by default for all PlexHosted users! 😉 ).

Secondly – you must configure your Document Library or List to receive incoming email. It is very simple.

  • Go to the Library Settings (or List Settings) at the tab Library (or List).
  • Then click the link Incoming e-mail settings at the part Communications
  • Select Allow this list to receive e-mail, complete List`s email address and configure other setting.
Thirdly you must go to your iOS or Android device and check that you have configured email setting for your device. After that you can go to the SharePlus and choose your site collection (or add a new SharePoint 2010 Site). I have a letter icon in the right down corner in my iPhone . Click the letter icon and complete field To. You must enter there a List`s email, that was configured in your SharePoint 2010 site. Complete field Subject, enter message body and click Send.
You can see your post at the SharePoint 2010 site!
Be mobile! Good luck!

Best mobile clients for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Android application.

Android client for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

As many of you know, the Android mobile operating system has exploded to be the second leading OS in the US. If you have an Android phone, wouldn’t it be great to get direct access to SharePoint Sites 2010 from your handset – and without the frustration of a mobile Web browser?

Well, now you’ve got it! NewsGator Social Sites 2010 for Android.
This Android application is a companion to NewsGator Social Sites 2010. You will need a NewsGator mobile license to deploy this application.
This Android application provides users with direct access to their Social Sites 2010 enterprise social computing environment. NewsGator Social Sites is the leading social business software most deeply integrated with the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 collaboration platform. This Android client gives Social Sites 2010 users the ability to access and interact with their activity stream, colleagues, and communities in SharePoint 2010. If you use a different type of smartphone you can access as well with Social Sites 2010 Mobile Clients for the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerryÂŽ.

Social Sites 2010 Mobile Client users can:

  • View the activity stream to see what their colleagues are saying and doing
  • Enter a status update to keep colleagues informed of their latest accomplishments and activities
  • Access their community discussions and conversations
  • Upload videos, links, and photos to add richness to their interactions
  • Like or comment on colleague action and events (such as added documents, idea submissions, or bookmarked links)
  • Find and interact with colleagues and community members – initiate emails, phone calls, or targeted updates
  • Receive proactive notifications when colleagues like or comment on your activities