Web Analytics: Monitors the health of the Report Consolidator component

The quick fix is via SharePoint PowerShell – open that and do the following step.

NOTE: You must be an Admin to do this. Run your SharePoint PowerShell as Administrator.

Step 1 – Get the GUID of the Service Application 

> Get-SPServiceApplication

Managed Metadata … Managed Metadata … 50f28d03-a89a-4cd0-a5ce-3fa95bf19ac7
Web Analytics Ser… Web Analytics Ser… ec65ee1c-f3d3-4bc7-9bb1-6cccb4705cdf
Excel Services Ap… Excel Services Ap… 4041c849-5ca9-48e1-93a6-1a7b4edac13f

Notice the Web Analytics service – copy the GUID in the ID Column.

Step 2 – Turn on Data Trimming on the Reporting Service

> Set-SPWebAnalyticsServiceApplication -Identity <GUID> -EnableDataTrimming

(replace <GUID> with the GUID you copied above – NOTE: if you only have one Analytics Service, you can omit the GUID)

for example:

> Set-SPWebAnalyticsServiceApplication -Identity ec65ee1c-f3d3-4bc7-9bb1-6cccb4705cdf -EnableDataTrimming

Give if a few minutes to let the SPTimer job kick then return to the Health Monitor, click the message and select Re-analyze Now – message should go away!