SharePoint 2010 Standard, SharePoint 2010 People Search

SharePoint Enterprise vs Standard
SharePoint 2010 People Search
SharePoint 2010 Site Search
SharePoint 2010 Standard vs Enterprise

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise vs Standard, SharePoint 2010 Standard Hosting, SharePoint 2010 People Search, SharePoint Site Search

You want using People and Site Search at your SharePoint 2010 site but wan`t pay for SharePoint Enterprise 2010?

Is it really?
Yes! PlexHosted have a solutions for you!
I like to notice you that PlexHosted company have a SharePoint 2010 Standard plan.

SharePoint Standard 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Standard 2010 extends SharePoint Foundation 2010 to provide a full-featured business collaboration platform that scales from the enterprise to the Web. This enables businesses to meet growing demands for internal and external collaboration and meet the fast-changing requirements of the new world of business-knowledge transfer, support for the next-generation workforce, virtual teams, open innovation, collaboration with partners and customers, and more – with a single, extensible, centrally managed enterprise platform. Make sure that this hosting plan is include such SharePoint 2010 Search features as: Site Search, Duplicate Results Detection, Mobile Search Experience, People and Expertise Search and more other.

PlexHosted are experts at setting up hosted SharePoint 2010 sites for its customers.

SharePoint 2010 Standard vs Enterprise

To get more info about the difference between Microsoft Enterprise 2010 and Microsoft Standard 2010 hosting plans please visit PlexHosted compare plans page or feel free to contact us for any information, or to ask a SharePoint question.

Are you still can`t make your choice between Enterprise 2010 and Standard 2010 hosting plans? I`ll help you with this!

PlexHosted SharePoint Standard 2010 Plan started from 12.95$/user/month and PlexHosted SharePoint Enterprise 2010 Plan started from 16.95$/user/month, so you can save your money and using People and Site Search at your Standard SharePoint 2010 site 😉

I hope it useful to you! Cheers!

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise and Standard comparison
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