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SharePoint Intranet
SharePoint Intranet
SharePoint Intranet, SharePoint Hosting, SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint Portals
An Intranet is an internal company portal that can be used to make team work more productive, effortless, cost effective and competitive. It is an essential part of the organization’s infrastructure. A successful SharePoint intranet usually has high usability because company owners have full control over the environment and know exactly who the users are and how they actually use intranet. Investments in intranet improvements are crucial since the intranet usability and high user adoption helps improve business productivity and therefore increase overall company profits.

SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint is one of the most widely used application platforms for a company’s intranet portal. According to the Nielsen Norman Group`s research, 70% of successful intranets are built on SharePoint. Additionally, Nielsen Norman Group determines 10 best intranet portals every year and the best ones for 2013 are:

    • Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (Biotechnology, U.S.)
    • American International Group, Inc. (Insurance, U.S.)
    • AT&T (Telecommunications, U.S.)
    • Hager Group, (Manufacturing, Germany)
    • Luzerner Kantonalbank AG, (Financial company, Switzerland)
    • ONO (Telecommunications, Spain)
    • Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) (Government, Saudi Arabia)
    • Swiss Mobiliar Insurance & Pensions (Insurance, Switzerland)
    • WorkSafeBC (Government, Canada)
    • XL Group plc (Insurance, Ireland)
These companies are of different sizes and from different countries. These intranets are used for their entire organizations and have been designed to take into consideration specific company needs in their particular sphere of business.
To read about these companies please see the following page – 2013 Intranet Design Award Winners.

This research helps to specify the latest trends in the development of successful intranet portals. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Time for intranet design – the average time to create and design a portal is 3.5 years, but lately it has decreased to 2.3 years. The process of designing a company portal is not a simple task.
  • The size of an organization – it has become simpler for small companies to develop good company portals using modern technologies. The SharePoint platform provides a number of features for great intranet implementation with its social features, efficient MS Office integration, information search and filtering capabilities.
  • Intranet management team – nowadays it is important to involve more people in building a successful intranet site. It is impossible for a small team to design and manage an intranet portal that will completely satisfy the needs of all company employees and help improve collaboration and work productivity. The more people involved in the building process – the better the result will be for end users.
  • Consulting companies and developers – external consultants are usually involved in helping with SharePoint planning, development, design and branding. They serve to complete particular tasks in which your company`s team does not have enough expertise.
  • The authors of intranet content – it is important to consider the primary requirements of the employees when designing the intranet. The best way to ensure usability, high user adoption rates and relevant content inside the portal is to involve people from different offices and departments, the people who will use the site.
  • Feature and design development – the latest trend in intranets is to use such features as personalized pages, extended profiles, video channels and mega menus. The additional new features widely used are integration with social sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, and extended filters on site pages.
  • Out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities – the built-in SharePoint features allow improvements in search experience and make document management easier with Office integration.
  • Educating employees about social and enterprise features of the platform – intranet users need to know the main usage rules and it is a good idea to provide a short guideline for them. It is also important to establish communication between teams and motivate users for commenting, sharing and creating conversations.
  • Permissions – complex site permissions can be a nightmare for your intranet management team. Nowadays most of the companies tend to protect business critical files by using simple permission strategies to avoid the unnecessary complexity.
The practice of a great number of companies from all over the world shows that the SharePoint platform is a perfect tool for designing a company’s intranet portal. Taking into consideration the latest trends, advances from SharePoint consultants and experienced users, you can build a powerful portal for your team and achieve better results.
PlexHosted can provide you with a starting point for your successful intranet. From the planning stage, to SharePoint implementation and customization – this is something PlexHosted can help you with.

Start with the PlexHosted SharePoint hosting today and improve your business tomorrow!


SharePoint Intranet
PlexHosted SharePoint hosting

PlexHosted - SharePoint Intranet 2013
PlexHosted – SharePoint Intranet 2013

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Demo Portal, Custom Development and Branding, Restricted Downloading

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Demo Portal, Custom Development and Branding, Restricted Downloading in SharePoint

SharePoint Business Intelligence Portal Customization
SharePoint Business Portal Customization
SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Demo Portal, Custom Development and Branding, Restricted Downloading in SharePoint, SharePoint Branding 2013
Dear readers,
I would love to tell you about the PlexHosted demo business portal in this post. So you can grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this post.

SharePoint Portals with PowerPivot

After release of the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 PlexHosted was pleased to announce the availability of the SharePoint 2013 Enterprise with PowerPivot service. And now this service proved it popularity and necessity among multiple companies. Many customers have already appreciated high quality of SharePoint with PowerPivot solution and its great impact on their business process. This service provide users with the full spectrum of Business Intelligence features and helps to get critical information from the insights, increase productivity and collaboration, improve decision-making and gain profits to the company.
PlexHosted service provider as an unquestioned expertise in SharePoint is always ready to prove the quality, exceptional performance, reliability, protection, and scalability of the services. We provide users the access to the PlexHosted Business Intelligence Demo Portal to evaluate the service by themselves, see how it looks like and works. On these portals you can find demo Excel and PowerPivot workbooks, with rich dashboards, scorecards, timelines, slicers, filters, DAX and PowerView reports.
Custom Demo SharePoint Portal
Custom Demo SharePoint Portal

SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Demo Portal

Now take a look on now is how PlexHosted BI Demo portal looks like. You can see the customized start page, custom theme and master page. Doesn’t it look great? Moving further you can see pages with workbooks, Business Reports gallery, Demo Reporting BI Portal custom page without standard SharePoint snippets, buttons, and ribbon. This gives a great user experience and cleaner interface for read only users.
Demo SharePoint 2013 Business Portal
Demo SharePoint 2013 Business Portal

Restricted Downloading in SharePoint PowerPivot

What is the most important and magnificent in this customization is that users cannot download the workbooks and reports from this site. This is provides read only access to the data, higher level of protection and convenient demonstration of the data. Very useful customization for sharing workbooks and reports.
The main idea here is that if you want to customize your SharePoint site and create new fresh look for it – this is not the problem. PlexHosted team can easily do it for you. Change master pages, apply the same design as at our Demo site, restrict to download content for read only users – all this and more is the option for you. PlexHosted can help you to make your SharePoint to look like and behave in the exact way you want.
All this and more is what PlexHosted provide to all our customers. Great service and flexibility in customizations, solution that meets you needs and excellent customer support available 24/7/365 you achieve when subscribing to our services.

Start to use a custom SharePoint Business Portal today!


Custom Demo SharePoint Business Portal
SharePoint 2013 Enterprise with PowerPivot

PlexHosted SharePoint Customization
PlexHosted SharePoint Customization