Improved SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Plans, Multi-Tenant SharePoint 2013 PowerPivot Hosting, Dedicated SharePoint Business Intelligence Solutions

Improved SharePoint 2013 BI Hosting Plans, Multi-Tenant PowerPivot 2013 Hosting, Power SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Solutions

Improved SharePoint 2013 BI Hosting Plans
Improved SharePoint 2013 BI Hosting Plans
PlexHosted announces Improved SharePoint 2013 Business Inteligence Hosting Plans, Power SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Solutions, Multi-Tenant PowerPivot 2013 Hosting
Hi SharePointer!
Today I want to tell you about new and improved PlexHosted PowerPivot 2013 Hosting plans.
You can go ahead and view them here – Improved PowerPivot Hosting 2013 plans, or read about changes in SharePoint PowerPivot plans, inspect and keep in note more attractive prices for PowerPivot hosting after reading.

Hosting PowerPivot 2013 Workbooks in SharePoint

You can work with PowerPivot data with powerful new ways. Easily share PowerPivot 2013 workbooks to the SharePoint site, search, discover, and access data within and outside your organization. Analyze a large amount of data in a few seconds, show reports to your clients or bosses anywhere, and collaborate from anywhere, on any device.

SharePoint Business Intelligence 2013 Improving

So, you want to know about main changes of SharePoint Business Intelligence 2013 Hosting plans. Let`s try to clarify them together.
There are many changes were made to improve PowerPivot Hosting services for PlexHosted clients. Please see the main of them below

    • PowerPivot Hosting is offering in two environments: Multi-Tenant and Dedicated.

What the difference between these two options? – probably you said.
The answer is pretty simple: with Multi-Tenant solutions you can get access to the root site collection and the price is more acceptable for small companies. And the dedicated PowerPivot servers are more expensive but you can get access to all servers (SharePoint PowerPivot and SQL as well) and install any additional software there.
More detailed PowerPivot 2013 plans comparison you can see here
Multi-tenant vs Dedicated PowerPivot Hosting.

    • The price for the multi-tenant PowerPivot 2013 hosting has been lowered!

You can see the new price at this link Multi-tenant PowerPivot Hosting 2013 price. Hope you will be impressed when see the new lower price.

    • PlexHosted offer a PowerPivot 2013 site customization and branding as additional options.

To read more about it, please visit PlexHosted site page about PowerPivot 2013 site customization.

Let`s start with the PowerPivot 2013 hosting today to improve your business tomorrow!


Multi-tenant PowerPivot Hosting 2013 price
Multi-tenant vs Dedicated PowerPivot Hosting
PowerPivot site customization

Improved PowerPivot 2013 Hosting Plans
Improved PowerPivot 2013 Hosting Plans